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WhiteBox Enterprise Linux 3.0 Respin 1 is now available via BitTorrent or ftp.

New & improved features included are:

* This release includes all errata released by RedHat through May 31, 2004.

* x86_64 moves from a outside contributed port to an officially supported platform on an equal footing with i386. Many thanks go to Pasi Pirhonen for the original porting efforts. Having it as a base made my job almost trivial.

* The problem with up2date and mirrors has been solved. The lastest up2date from Fedora Core 2 has been ported in to get transparent support for mirrors. With eight mirrors distributed across North America, Europe and Australia, access to errata should be easier than ever.

* rhn-applet has been fully ported for this release and added to the default install. This modified version goes by the name of "Up2Date Network Alert Notification Tool".

* Support for third party package repositories has been improved. Detailed instructions for using three repos are included in /usr/sysconfig/rhn/sources for fast setup.

* Tora is now linked against Oracle 10g and mysql. (i386 only)
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