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John Morris has posted an update on the latest White Box Enterprise Linux updates:

I'm about to be leaving town for a week and have been trying to catch up on the flood of errata that has dropped in the last two days. I know I haven't been posting the notices for the last couple of weeks, I'll catch up on all of them when I get back. Instead of catching up on back annoucements today though, I have new packages for your updating pleasure.

The updates tree should now be current with the following exceptions:

1. Today's ethereal update. Can't they get this one nailed down? :-):
Hope to get this one fixed first chance I get some free time with net.

2. Yesterday's Mozilla errata. It is one of the packages that needs cleanup work but I have ran out of time today and don't have it up. It will be #1 priority since it is only a matter of time before an exploit shows up in the wild.

3. The httpd update from last month didn't get properly de-trademarked. But the security fix should be there so I'm leaving it up, will get it fixed right as soon as I can.

4. RH has a new up2date posted but hasn't issued an official errata yet. It will probably wait until after the 15th to get rebuilt.

If any more come flooding out tomorrow and next week I will try to get them, depending on finding connectivity. Vicki has been brought up to speed enough she should be able to get a critical package rebuilt and posted so long as it isn't one of the modified for Whitebox packages.