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White Box Enterprise Linux 4 RC1 has been released

A preview of WBEL4 is currently available via BitTorrent. It is believed to be feature complete except for the inclusion of the yum config info to allow updating. Since there isn't yet a download tree for 4 on the mirrors this isn't really an issue for testing yet. This release is i386 only because the x86_64 building has only just begun.

There are a few small details left:

1. As an RC, I didn't bother to GPG sign anything.
2. The artwork is trademark clean but lame in several places. This is being worked on.
3. This release goes much farther in removing Red Hat's brandname from the software than 3.0 did. This is probably where most testing should concentrate. I don't think I have done anything that would prevent 3rd party packages from installing but check what YOU care about.
4. None of the Errata has been integrated into this build. This will happen for the final release.
5. Due to problems reported from other rebuilds, thunderbird and dhcpd really need to be hammered on.
6. Tora was not built with Oracle installed so there is no tora-oracle package. This will be fixed for the actual release.
Download (BitTorrent)