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John Morris has posted a status update on White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 Respin 1

Ok, haven't been very active on the list lately, been squashing nits. The i386 respin is pretty much ready for wider distribution. Just rolled a new set of iso images that SHOULD pass muster, if I can't find anymore defects on this set I'll post them tomorrow as a release candidate by bitrorrent only for a couple of days and see if I end up wearing a brown paper bag again.

x86_64 is another story, adding in the errata keeps blowing chunks along the way as I rebuild, install packages to satisfy deps and build some more. Been trying various orderings but so far it always ends up with a collapsing system, segfaulting at will, rpm not working anymore, etc. About to just give up on starting at Respin 1 and build a clean 3.0 then go back and see if I can find all of the intervening packages and build/install them one at a time and see where it is breaking. Grr.

Also been rethinking the whole up2date thing again and unless I'm having a brain cramp I don't think I need to worry about hatching a new one or forcing a new sources file. The people I want to get are the ones who DIDN'T edit the file so being unchanged rpm should replace it for them and drop an .rpmnew for all you guys on this list. btw, the new sources file is going to have entries for Dag, ATrpms and JPackage ready to uncomment and use.