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White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 Respin 2 has been finally released.

This release is purely a maintenance release to pick up the accumulated errata since Respin 1 in June '04. It includes all errata issued from upstream through the end of Feb 05. with the exception of the kernel. The kernel is the older one issued with Red Hat, Inc.'s Update 4 so that binary driver discs made available by 3rd party hardware vendors should be compatible with this rebuild release.

The graphical bootsplash in the installer is gone due to a lack of space on the boot floppy image. Apparently Anaconda can't leave it off of the floppy and include it on the isolinux image, it is an all or nothing thing.

The only new innovation in this release is that DVD iso images are available. To reduce the footprint on the mirrors the DVD images are only available via BitTorrent.

Note: The mirrors are currently still in the process of syncing up but two already show the i386 binary iso images available and more should appear in the next couple of hours. As soon as the rsync traffic drops off some the BitTorrent seeds will crank up. Most of the our bandwidth available for BT will be allocated to the DVD images.
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Download CD #1 (MD5: 4ee96691f4de2d9e26115b14a53cc245)
Download CD #2 (MD5: 2876fa88bde36e645b51a7c5529fa716)
Download CD #3 (MD5: 8d70763a3fd932f9694d72d5e335bdcf)

Download CD #1 (MD5: 6e41739928e7ec75315b86e613df389c)
Download CD #2 (MD5: 306372772c635d46e47ea4740871f672)
Download CD #3 (MD5: f9a9320091e7320a8cfa46d6d6ec03f6)