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A new feature release of Waffle is available.

Waffle 1.8.0

The Waffle feature release 1.8.0 is now available.


What is new in this release:
- meson: require meson v0.53, various wayland-scanner fixes
- cmake: deprecate in favour of meson
- ci: add lint stage, resolve intermittent Xvfb failures
- nacl: remove the backend, error out if requested at build
- cgl: fix warnings and compilation issues
- wflinfo: add zsh completion, simplify the bash completion
- tests: rework and de-duplicate the per-platform handling

The source is available at:

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. See for details.


Changes since 1.7.0:

Alexander Kanavin (1): request native wayland-scanner

Alyssa Ross (1):
meson: find wayland.xml from wayland-scanner.pc

David Heidelberg (1):
www: improve layout a bit

Dylan Baker (1):
meson: use override_dependency and override_find_program

Emil Velikov (73):
waffle: Bump post-release version to 1.7.90
doc: Add release notes for 1.7.0
release: Publish Waffle 1.7.0
release: Fixup 1.7.0 URLs
wflinfo: doc: use space separator for longopts
wflinfo: bash-completion: remove quirky handling
wflinfo: add zsh completion
gitlab-ci: use xvfb -noreset
wayland: silence waffle 1.7 deprecation warnings
third_party/threads: initialize abs_time
tests/gl_basic_test: silence maybe-uninitialized warn
waffle: consistently set WAFFLE_API_VERSION
waffle: use same version API across programs
core: use Wpointer-arith safe container_of
core/tests: correct function type
wflinfo: fixup sign-compare warnings
tests/gl_basic_test: silence implicit-fallthrough warn
tests/gl_basic_test: silence sign-compare warning
meson: enable all the warnings
gitlab-ci: flip the error on any warning
Revert "gbm: work around mesa linkage issue"
gbm: use libdrm instead of libudev
clang-format: add config file
gitlab-ci: add clang-format stage
gitlab-ci: move the clang-format/git comment further up
editorconfig: add initial file
tree: update website references
doc: update references to new git location
tree: update maintainer Chad -> Emil
man: meson: add all dependencies
meson: omit bash completion, with custom prefix
www: kill off the manpages
www: add XDC 2012 presentation notes and videos
doc: add notes/announce from the website branch
www: use the in-tree release-notes, tarballs branch
gitlab-ci: remove trailing whitespace
gitlab-ci: correctly copy the www root files
www: add couple more sections to acknowledgements
editorconfig: https all the links
README, HACKING: https all the links
cmake: http -> https where applicable
doc: http -> https where applicable
waffle: https all the links
www: https all the links
gitlab-ci: correctly handle the release notes
gitlab-ci: actually use the tarball branch
gitlab-ci: trigger website updates on .gitlab-ci.yml changes
gitlab-ci: update container to bullseye
meson: use get_variable() update to meson 0.51
meson: remove always true meson.version >= 0.46
meson: generate cmake files only on Windows
meson: produce summary(), require meson 0.53
doc: Add release notes for 1.7.1
release: Publish 1.7.1
meson: don't run TLS checks on mingw
wgl: remove unused dummy wgl_error.[ch]
all: use format(gnu_printf), enable in mingw
doc: Add release notes for 1.7.2
release: Publish 1.7.2
tests/gl_basic_test: remove #undef test* instances
tests/gl_basic_test: shuffle expect_error further up
tests/gl_basic_test: s/test_gl_basic_/test_/
tests/gl_basic_test: rework rgb tests
tests/gl_basic_test: rework the ctx flags tests
tests/gl_basic_test: rework the version tests
tests/gl_basic_test: print error if waffle_init() fails
tests/gl_basic_test: rework the testsuite entrypoint
tests/gl_basic_test: sprinkle some clang-format goodness
Use a static waffle.def
meson: drop the libwaffle-1.dll lib prefix on windows
cmake: deprecate cmake in favour of meson
Error out when nacl is requested, reinstate WAFFLE_PLATFORM_NACL
waffle: Bump version to 1.8.0

Fabrice Fontaine (2):
cmake: drop C++ dependency
meson: drop C++ dependency

Gert Wollny (2):
formatting: add add some annotations to not reformat macros
waffle: Add support for create a context with reset notification

Jason Ekstrand (1):
wgbm: Don't destroy a surface if init fails

Jose Fonseca (1):
gitlab-ci: Build and package with MinGW cross-compilers.

Matt Turner (1):
surfaceless_egl: Implement get_native functions

Philipp Zabel (1):
wayland: fix build against version 1.20

Romain Naour (1):
cmake: forward cflags from *.pc files to waffle cflags

Simon McVittie (9):
waffle_dl: Fix missing format string parameter
waffle_window_create2: Fix mismatch between format string and parameter
Mark printf-like functions with the appropriate gcc attribute
meson: Enable format-string-related compiler warnings
wflinfo: Print absence of GL context flags correctly
wflinfo: Make context_flags more const-correct
meson: Detect non-const-correct uses of string constants
wflinfo: Move context_flags array into constant data section
examples, wflinfo: Add missing NORETURN attributes

Simon Zeni (1):
remove NaCL backend

Yurii Kolesnykov (2):
Fix build on macOS by fixing a typo
Add cflag to fix macOS build