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A new version of VSCodium, a version of VS Code built without Microsoft branding or telemetry, has been released.


update vscode to  1.82.0

What's Changed

  • [vscodium][linux] Fix the patch file for linux builds by  @theskcd in  #1608
  • Revert "[vscodium][linux] Fix the patch file for linux builds" by  @zpiatt in  #1617
  • Added vscodium-electron package for Arch Linux by  @DodoLeDev in  #1317
  • docs: clarify winget install command by  @osfanbuff63 in  #1251
  • feat(1.82): update patches and use node-v18 by  @daiyam in  #1626
  • feat: add apis for open-remote-wsl extension by  @daiyam in  #1627

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