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An updated version of VKD3D-Proton, which is a fork of VKD3D and aims to integrate the entire Direct3D 12 API on top of Vulkan, is now available for download. Along with support for NVIDIA Reflex through VK_NV_low_latency2, the update also includes support for the D3D12 render pass API, ID3D12DeviceRemovedExtendedDataSettings stubs, VK_EXT_device_fault, VK_EXT_swapchain_maintenance1, and fallback for compute shader derivatives on NVIDIA Pascal and older GPUs. Furthermore, it eliminates the black screen that occurs in Atlas Fallen, disables the alpha-to-coverage feature, and corrects format feature reports for DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN.

vkd3d-proton Release Version 2.12


  • Implement support for NVIDIA Reflex through VK_NV_low_latency2. Thanks to NVIDIA for contributing implementation
  • Implement D3D12 render pass API (tier 0)
  • Implement ID3D12DeviceRemovedExtendedDataSettings stubs. Fixes some games that rely on this existing
  • Implement VK_EXT_device_fault. Makes it possible to grab fault information and vendor binary if supported
  • Implement VK_EXT_swapchain_maintenance1
    • Allows seamless transition between V-Sync and tearing present modes without stutter
    • Implemented on both Mesa and NV drivers
  • Expose Shader Model 6.7 by default if
    VK_KHR_shader_maximal_reconvergence and VK_KHR_shader_quad_control are supported
  • Add optimized descriptor copy path on Intel Arc GPUs that support VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer
  • Implement fallback for compute shader derivatives on NVIDIA Pascal and older GPUs.
    Allows exposing Shader Model 6.7 by default on Pascal as well (albeit with some known cases where it does not work).
    The workaround is expected to work with any known use of SM 6.6 compute derivatives in the wild


  • Fix Atlas Fallen black screen due to edge case with MinLODClamp
  • Correctly disable alpha-to-coverage if sampler mask is exported
  • Fix format feature reports for DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN
  • Relax root signature compatibility rules when compiling Ray Tracing pipelines.
    Fixes GPU hang on NV in Warhammer: Darktide
  • Fix GPU hang on NV in UE5 Lyra demo
  • Explicitly validate stage IO signatures in PSO creation similar to native D3D12 runtime.
    Fixes some scenarios where a game attempts to create an invalid pipeline that should have failed creation
    on native D3D12


  • Workaround crash in Resident Evil 4 RT mode when tessellation is enabled
  • Workaround mesh shader glitches on NVIDIA in several UE5 titles
  • Workaround GPU hang on NVIDIA in World of Warcraft when MSAA is enabled
  • Disable RT by default in Persona 3 Reload on Deck


  • Implement VK_NV_raw_access_chains. Significantly improves GPU performance on NV GPUs in some games.
    Games using DXBC instead of DXIL are expected to see more improvements.
    Not all games are expected to see an uplift
  • Fix extremely poor GPU performance in some locations in Persona 3 Reload


  • Add support for VKD3D_QUEUE_PROFILE, a simple system profiling method
    • Includes VK_NV_low_latency2 support to debug NVIDIA Reflex sleeps
  • Root signature blobs are also dumped when dumping shaders
    • A simple CLI tool to inspect the root-sig blobs is included in programs/
  • Misc improvements to breadcrumbs, debug ring, etc
  • Pipeline creation failure now dumps PSO creation commands in log

Release Version 2.12 · HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton