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Alexandre Julliard has announced the availability of vkd3d 1.11, a Direct3D to Vulkan translation library.

vkd3d release 1.1

The vkd3d team is proud to announce that release 1.11 of vkd3d, the Direct3D to Vulkan translation library, is now available.

This release contains improvements that are listed in the release notes below.

The main highlights are:

- Initial support for compiling legacy Direct3D bytecode to SPIR-V.
- Initial HLSL compiler support for compiling effect profiles.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

The source is available from the following location: 

The current source can also be pulled directly from the git repository: 

Vkd3d is available thanks to the work of multiple people. See the file AUTHORS for the complete list.


  # What's new in vkd3d 1.11

### libvkd3d

- Descriptor updates happen asynchronously on an internal worker thread, for
a minor performance improvement in applications that update many
descriptors per frame.

- When the VK_EXT_mutable_descriptor_type extension is available, libvkd3d
will make more efficient use of descriptor pools and sets.

- When the VK_EXT_shader_viewport_index_layer extension is available,
libvkd3d supports indexing viewport and render target arrays from vertex
and tessellation evaluation shaders.

- Support for standard (i.e., black and white) border colours is

- The GetResourceAllocationInfo1() method of the ID3D12Device4 interface is

- The ID3D12Device7 interface is supported.

- The ID3D12Resource2 interface is supported.

- Several new feature queries are supported:

### libvkd3d-shader

- Initial support for compiling legacy Direct3D bytecode to SPIR-V.

- Experimental support for compiling DirectX Intermediate Language (DXIL) to
SPIR-V and Direct3D shader assembly. Being an experimental feature, this
requires building vkd3d with the ?-DVKD3D_SHADER_UNSUPPORTED_DXIL?
preprocessor option. Note that enabling this feature will affect the
capabilities reported by libvkd3d as well, and may cause previously
working applications to break due to attempting to use incomplete DXIL
support. No API or ABI stability guarantees are provided for experimental

- New features for the HLSL source type:
- Initial support for the ?fx_2_0?, ?fx_4_0?, ?fx_4_1?, and ?fx_5_0?
profiles, using the new ?VKD3D_SHADER_TARGET_FX? target type.
- Support for ?Buffer? resources.
- The acos(), asin(), atan(), and atan2() intrinsic functions are
- Explicit register assignment using the ?register()? keyword in shader
model 1-3 profiles. This was previously only supported in shader model
4+ profiles.
- Casts from integer to floating-point types in shader model 1-3 profiles.
- Support for various input/output semantics:
- SV_InstanceID in shader model 4+ fragment shaders.
- SV_PrimitiveID in shader model 4+ fragment shaders. In previous
versions this was only supported in shader model 4+ geometry shaders.
- SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex in shader model 4+ vertex and fragment shaders.
- SV_ViewportArrayIndex in shader model 4+ vertex and fragment shaders.
- Support for various rasteriser-ordered view types. Specifically:
- RasterizerOrderedBuffer
- RasterizerOrderedStructuredBuffer
- RasterizerOrderedTexture1D
- RasterizerOrderedTexture1DArray
- RasterizerOrderedTexture2D
- RasterizerOrderedTexture2DArray
- RasterizerOrderedTexture3D

- New features for the SPIR-V target type:
- Support for globally coherent unordered access views. These have the
?globallycoherent? storage class in HLSL, and the ?_glc? suffix in
Direct3D assembly.
- Support for thread group unordered access view barriers. This
corresponds to ?sync_ugroup? instructions in Direct3D assembly.
- When the SPV_EXT_viewport_index_layer extension is supported, vertex and
tessellation evaluation shaders can write render target and viewport
array indices. This corresponds to the ?SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex? and
?SV_ViewportArrayIndex? HLSL output semantics.

- New interfaces:
- The VKD3D_SHADER_COMPILE_OPTION_FEATURE compile option can be used to
specify features available in the target environment. The
VKD3D_SHADER_COMPILE_OPTION_FEATURE_INT64 flag indicates support for
64-bit integer types in the SPIR-V target environment. The
VKD3D_SHADER_COMPILE_OPTION_FEATURE_FLOAT64 flag indicates support for
64-bit floating-point types in the SPIR-V target environment. For
backward compatibility, VKD3D_SHADER_API_VERSION_1_10 and earlier also
imply support for 64-bit floating-point types.
value indicates support for the SPV_EXT_viewport_index_layer extension
in the SPIR-V target environment.

### libvkd3d-utils

- When available, the following Vulkan extensions are enabled by
D3D12CreateDeviceVKD3D() and D3D12CreateDevice():
- VK_KHR_android_surface
- VK_KHR_wayland_surface
- VK_KHR_win32_surface
- VK_KHR_xlib_surface
- VK_EXT_metal_surface
- VK_MVK_ios_surface

Previous versions of vkd3d-utils enabled VK_KHR_xcb_surface and
VK_MVK_macos_surface. In practice this means that
D3D12CreateDevice()/D3D12CreateDeviceVKD3D() can be used on the
corresponding additional window systems.

- New interfaces:
- D3DReflect() is used to retrieve information about shaders. It currently
supports retrieving information about input, output, and patch constant
parameters using the ID3D12ShaderReflection interface.
- D3DDisassemble() is used to disassemble legacy Direct3D bytecode (shader
model 1-3) and ?Tokenized Program Format? (shader model 4 and 5)

### vkd3d-compiler

- The new ?fx? target is used for outputting Direct3D effects when compiling
HLSL ?fx_2_0?, ?fx_4_0?, ?fx_4_1?, and ?fx_5_0? profiles.

### build

- The minimum required version of Vulkan-Headers for this release is version

### Changes since vkd3d 1.10:
Conor McCarthy (164):
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support declared component type and count in indexable temps.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Support null constant arrays.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support constant initialisers in indexable temps.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support declared component type and count in immediate constant buffers.
vkd3d-shader: Add a register index to struct vkd3d_shader_immediate_constant_buffer.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Emit constant global arrays as immediate constant buffers.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic Unary.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Apply metadata attachments to instructions.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Set the result register data type for nop casts.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a local copy of location to control_point_normaliser_emit_hs_input().
tests/shader-runner: Test an uninitialised indexable temp.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement the DXIL ALLOCA instruction.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement the DXIL STORE instruction.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Bitcast if necessary in the spirv_compiler_emit_mov() general implementation.
tests/shader-runner: Add a non-const-indexing test for asfloat() result storage.
vkd3d-shader: Introduce an instruction flag to suppress masking of bitwise shift counts.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Emit an error if 64-bit integers are used.
tests/shader-runner: Introduce an 'int64' requirement directive.
tests/shader-runner: Introduce a 'float64' requirement directive.
tests/shader-runner: Add 64-bit arithmetic tests.
tests/shader-runner: Add 64-bit bitwise tests.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Introduce a compiler feature flag for int64 capability.
tests/shader-runner: Fix the arithmetic-int-uniform int64 abs expected results.
vkd3d: Update the descriptor `next` index before getting a reference for writing.
vkd3d: Write Vulkan descriptors in a worker thread.
vkd3d: Rename the device mutex to pipeline_cache_mutex.
vkd3d: Co-locate all descriptor-related members.
tests/shader-runner: Check for float64 support in the d3d11 runner.
tests/shader-runner: Check for float64 support in the Vulkan runner.
tests/shader-runner: Check for int64 support in the Vulkan runner.
vkd3d: Pass int64 capability info to vkd3d-shader.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Use data_type_is_integer() in spirv_compiler_emit_neg().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Introduce a data_type_is_64_bit() helper function.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Introduce a UINT64 component type.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support 64-bit sources in spirv_compiler_emit_int_div().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support UINT64 source in spirv_compiler_emit_bool_cast().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle ITOI and UTOU in spirv_compiler_map_alu_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Decorate non-float32 non-built-in pixel shader inputs as Flat.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Count global variables in dxil_block_compute_module_decl_count().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Pre-allocate instruction space for globals in sm6_parser_globals_init().
vkd3d: Use mutable descriptors if available.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Avoid null dereference on failure to find function pointer type.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support vector source param for FIRSTBIT_HI and FIRSTBIT_SHI instructions.
tests/d3d12: Test vector parameter for countbits() and firstbithigh() in test_shader_instructions().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Emit descriptor offset loads in the function entry block.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle DISCARD and TEXKILL in spirv_compiler_handle_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle RETP in spirv_compiler_handle_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Flatten IF/ELSE/ENDIF control flow instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Flatten LOOP/BREAK/CONTINUE/ENDLOOP control flow instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Flatten SWITCH/CASE/DEFAULT/ENDSWITCH control flow instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store code block names in struct vkd3d_shader_desc.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Declare indexable temps as Private unless function scope is specified.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Do not emit function code before the main prolog.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Include an initial label instruction in the first control flow block.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Expand index range write masks to cover all element masks.
tests: Test punned array access in patch constant functions.
vkd3d-shader: Make the control point count the outer dimension of I/O arrays.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Validate sysvals in index range declarations.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Introduce a code block terminator struct.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle the DXIL BR instruction unconditional variant.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle the DXIL BR instruction conditional variant.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle the DXIL PHI instruction.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle the DXIL SWITCH instruction.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Revert "Do not merge signature elements which have different interpolation modes.".
tests: Test an interpolated PS input where component x is unused.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Set merged signature element interpolation mode only from used elements.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Pass the code block and instruction in a struct to intrinsic handlers.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Do not assert VKD3D_DATA_UINT in spirv_compiler_emit_ld_raw_structured_srv_uav().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Load typed SRV descriptors.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Load typed UAV descriptors.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic BufferLoad for typed buffers.
tests/d3d12: Add a raw firstbit test to test_shader_instructions().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle UINT32_MAX result from FIRSTBIT_HI and FIRSTBIT_SHI instructions.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle semantic kind VERTEXID.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle semantic kind ISFRONTFACE.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Add an operand type code for the return type.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic Binary.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Refactor return code checking in vkd3d_shader_normalise().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Use strcmp() to check the entry point name.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Use strcmp() to find function names.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Use strcmp() to find the handle type.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Emit DISCARD as a function call.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle floating point special value comparisons in sm6_parser_emit_dx_unary().
tests/shader-runner: Add tests for floating point special values.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Implement the ISFINITE instruction.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle the ISINF and ISNAN instructions in spirv_compiler_emit_alu_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Check for FEATURE_FLOAT64 when double precision use is flagged.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle globally coherent UAVs.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Include Uniform in the memory semantics for UAV barriers.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle thread group UAV barriers.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsics Cos and Sin.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle DX intrinsic Tan in sm6_parser_emit_dx_unary().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle the TAN instruction in spirv_compiler_emit_ext_glsl_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Load raw/structured buffer SRV/UAV descriptors.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic RawBufferLoad.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic Tertiary.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support 64-bit source value for bitfield instructions.
tests/shader-runner: Add an asuint() test to the 64-bit cast tests.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic SplitDouble.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic TextureLoad.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Emit a vector bitcast if necessary in spirv_compiler_emit_load_ssa_reg().
vkd3d: Add ID3D12Device6 interface stub.
vkd3d: Add ID3D12Device7 interface stubs.
tests/d3d12: Test multiple descriptions in test_resource_allocation_info().
vkd3d: Support multiple descriptions in GetResourceAllocationInfo().
tests/d3d12: Add tests for GetResourceAllocationInfo1().
vkd3d: Implement GetResourceAllocationInfo1().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle inverse trigonometric functions in sm6_parser_emit_dx_unary().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Handle the ACOS, ASIN and ATAN instructions in spirv_compiler_emit_ext_glsl_instruction().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Support forward-referenced value ids.
tests/shader-runner: Emit descriptor ranges for consecutive resources.
tests/shader-runner: Add shader model 6 texture UAV tests.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic TextureStore.
tests/shader-runner: Add hyperbolic trigonometry tests.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle hyperbolic trigonometric functions in sm6_parser_emit_dx_unary().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS6 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS7 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS8 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS9 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS10 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS11 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS12 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d: Handle D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS13 in CheckFeatureSupport().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Load sampler descriptors.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic Sample.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic SampleGrad.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_binop().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_unary().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_binary().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_cbuffer_load().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_tertiary().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_load_input().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_buffer_load().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_sincos().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_split_double().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_dx_texture_load().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_cast().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_cmp2().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_extractval().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_load().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_store().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check for src param allocation failure in sm6_parser_emit_vselect().
vkd3d-shader: Raise the instruction parameter allocation size if necessary.
tests/shader-runner: Add a 64-bit switch test.
tests/d3d12: Add tests for GetProtectedResourceSession().
vkd3d: Return DXGI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND from GetProtectedResourceSession().
tests/d3d12: Add a test for zero description count in test_resource_allocation_info().
vkd3d: Implement ID3D12Resource2.
tests/shader-runner: Support scalar signed int probe values.
tests/shader-runner: Add tests for UAV atomic ops.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic AtomicBinOp.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic AtomicCompareExchange.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle resource descriptor additional tag/value pairs.
tests/shader-runner: Support structured buffer UAVs.
tests/shader-runner: Add a test for a signed int typed buffer UAV.
tests/shader-runner: Add a test for a signed int structured buffer UAV.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic BufferStore.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Handle raw and structured buffers in sm6_parser_emit_dx_buffer_store().
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic RawBufferStore.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsics SampleBias and SampleLevel.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsics SampleCmp and SampleCmpLevelZero.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Move the resource kind helper functions up.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Implement DX intrinsic GetDimensions.

Evan Tang (4):
tests/shader-runner: Support testing for integer pixel data.
tests: Add some tests for rasteriser-ordered views.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse rasteriser-ordered view types.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Support SV_PrimitiveID in pixel shaders.

Fabian Maurer (2):
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Check null pointer before it is dereferenced (Coverity).
vkd3d: Unlock mutex in error case in d3d12_command_queue_CopyTileMappings.

Florian Weimer (1):
configure: Use AC_CHECK_FUNCS to define HAVE_GETTID.

Francisco Casas (31):
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Emit fixmes on non-constant vector addressing.
tests/shader-runner: Support reading multiple model range args for qualifiers.
tests/shader-runner: Call each runner only once.
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Emit fixme for HLSL_RESOURCE_SAMPLE_LOD.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Lower texkill instructions to discard_nz.
tests: Use the vulkan runner to run SM1 compilation tests.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Update flatten_control_flow_constructs() comment.
tests/shader_runner: Pass a pointer to the data when creating uav buffers in d3d12.
tests/shader_runner: Free on test directives (valgrind).
tests/shader_runner: Free runner->uniforms (valgrind).
tests/shader_runner: Free extensions pointer on vulkan runner (valgrind).
tests/shader_runner: Free runner->input_elements in parse_test_directive() (valgrind).
tests/shader_runner: Free runner->cs_source and runner->fx_source (valgrind).
tests: Rename register-reservations.shader_test to register-reservations-resources.shader_test.
tests: Test register(cX) reservations.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Make register(cX) reservations work for SM1.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Turn register(cX) reservations into buffer offset for SM4.
tests/vkd3d-shader: Set uninitialized uniforms to a value.
tests: Don't ignore SM1 on a non-const-indexing.shader_test test.
tests/shader-runner: Introduce "if" qualifier.
tests: Remove [require] directives for tests that use int and bool uniforms.
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Implement casts from ints to floats as a MOV.
tests: Add simple test for implicit cast to int.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Lower casts to int for SM1.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Record valid methods in object_methods[].
tests/shader-runner: Separate resource_type into type and dimension.
tests/shader-runner: Support SRV buffers.
tests/shader-runner: Change resource declaration syntax on shader_test files.
tests/shader-runner: Change probe directive syntax on shader_test files.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse Buffer types.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Emit fixme on non-direct resource stores.

Giovanni Mascellani (100):
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Indent on IFC.
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Write a single type in shader_dump_data_type().
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Dump recently added types.
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Dump unknown types as "<unknown>".
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Add an "internal" mode for the ASM dumper.
vkd3d: Pad push constant ranges to 16 bytes.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Honor force_validation after emitting SPIR-V code.
ci: Build vkd3d with SPIRV-Tools.
tests: Test assigning multisampled textures with different sample counts.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Do not use the parser before it is initialized.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Use vkd3d_shader_parser_error() for error reporting when available.
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Override the write mask when the destination is not vec4.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Create constant buffer registers with dimension vec4.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate SSA registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate source swizzles depending on the dimension.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate destination write masks depending on the dimension.
ci: Dump the d3d12 summary line in the CI log.
vkd3d: Specify the aspect when creating NULL UAVs.
tests: Use a uint target for rendering uint data.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Specify behavior for bit field instructions.
tests: Mark some sampling tests as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark streaming output as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark predicated rendering as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark resource arrays as buggy on MoltenVK.
configure: Detect pthread support using -pthread instead of -lpthread.
vkd3d-utils: Support many different surface types when creating a device.
vkd3d-shader/d3d-asm: Guess a sensible data type for literals.
vkd3d-shader: Make *src and *dst mutable in vkd3d_shader_instruction.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Simplify control flow in vsir_validate_register().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Use vkd3d_free() instead of free().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Check that TEMP registers have consistent dimensions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Check that SSA registers have consistent dimensions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Check that SSA registers are used validly.
ci: Rename CI target build-image to image-linux.
ci: Prepare the macOS build environment in a dedicated CI job.
tests: Add a test with non-trivial control flow.
tests: Test a couple of degenerate switch instances.
vkd3d-shader: Make relative address sources mutable too.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Normalise the shader before allocating registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate that structured CF does not appear in block-based shaders.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate LABEL registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate LABEL instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate BRANCH instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate SWITCH_MONOLITHIC instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate RET instructions.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Use capability ShaderViewportIndexLayerEXT for decoration Layer.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Use capability ShaderViewportIndexLayerEXT for decoration ViewportIndex.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Support SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex in pixel and vertex shaders.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Support SV_InstanceID in vertex shaders.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Support SV_ViewportArrayIndex in pixel and vertex shaders.
tests: Compile HLSL shaders at runtime in test_ps_layer().
tests: Test using SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex in the vertex shader.
tests: Use test utils to create the pipeline state in test_ps_layer().
tests: Add a test for SV_ViewportArrayIndex.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Check that all instructions appear in a block.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Refactor register-type-specific code in parameter validation.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Do not allow IMMCONST and IMMCONST64 as destination registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Validate PHI instructions.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Run tracing and validation for DXIL code too.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Remove DCL_TEMPS instructions.
tests: Mark loading from stencil as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Skip unbounded descriptor ranges tests when they're unsupported.
tests: Mark cull distance as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark clip distance as unsupported on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark a timestamp query test as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark count buffers as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark a test related to instanced draws as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark ReadFromSubresource() and WriteToSubresource() as todo on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark geometry shaders as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark the tessellation pipeline as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark a depth sampling test as buggy on MoltenVK.
tests: Mark a strip cut test as buggy in MoltenVK.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Emit an error if merge information is missing.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Lower monolithic switches to selection ladders.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Fixup PHI nodes when lowering switches to selection ladders.
vkd3d-shader: Convert write masks between 32 and 64 bit by cases.
include/vkd3d-shader: Generate swizzles without a function call.
vkd3d-shader: Use 64 bit swizzles for 64 bit data types in VSIR.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Check that SSA registers are used with compatible data types.
vkd3d-compiler: Exit the main function through a common code path.
vkd3d-compiler: Free compilation options (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Free binary SPIR-V code (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/dxil: Set the register before calling src_param_init_scalar().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Convert the swizzle according to the source bit width.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Move bool casting helpers above register loading helpers.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Support bool TEMP registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Materialize SSA registers to temporaries.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Handle PHI nodes when materializing SSA registers.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Introduce a simple control flow graph structurizer.
tests: Work around a Metal bug.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Free variable identifiers in primary_expr (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Free the parse initializer in attribute (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Free the individual attributes in func_prototype (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Free the selector in postfix_expr (Valgrind).
tests: Release the code blob in test_thread_id() (Valgrind).
vkd3d-shader/ir: Build a representation of the control flow graph.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Dump the control flow graph in the GraphViz format.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Compute the domination relationship.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Dump the domination relationship.
tests: Test how constant folding works on SM1.

Henri Verbeet (151):
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t write mask to vkd3d_write_mask_get_component_idx().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t write mask to vkd3d_write_mask_component_count().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t write mask to vkd3d_write_mask_64_from_32().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t write mask to vkd3d_write_mask_32_from_64().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t swizzle to vkd3d_swizzle_get_component().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a uint32_t swizzle to vkd3d_swizzle_get_component64().
tests: Print the failing line numbers when a test fails.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Rename the "immconst_uint" field of struct vkd3d_shader_register to "immconst_u32".
vkd3d-shader/ir: Rename the "immconst_float" field of struct vkd3d_shader_register to "immconst_f32".
vkd3d-shader/ir: Rename the "immconst_uint64" field of struct vkd3d_shader_register to "immconst_u64".
vkd3d-shader/ir: Rename the "immconst_double" field of struct vkd3d_shader_register to "immconst_f64".
vkd3d: Add D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_12_2 as a valid feature level.
vkd3d: Add D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_1_0_CORE as a valid feature level.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store instruction flags as a uint32_t.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store source parameter swizzles as a uint32_t.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store destination parameter modifier flags as a uint32_t.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store destination parameter shifts as an unsigned int.
vkd3d: Recognise VK_QUEUE_PROTECTED_BIT in debug_vk_queue_flags().
vkd3d: Recognise VK_QUEUE_VIDEO_DECODE_BIT_KHR in debug_vk_queue_flags().
vkd3d: Slightly simplify debug_vk_memory_property_flags().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Store swizzles as a uint32_t.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Store modifier flags as a uint32_t.
vkd3d: Implement support for static border colours.
vkd3d: Attempt to translate border colours to static border colours in d3d12_desc_create_sampler().
vkd3d-shader: Recognise DESCRIPTORS_STATIC_KEEPING_BUFFER_BOUNDS_CHECKS in shader_validate_descriptor_range1().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Pass a uint32_t write mask to vkd3d_symbol_set_register_info().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Pass a uin32_t write mask to spirv_compiler_emit_load_src().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Pass a uint32_t write mask to spirv_compiler_emit_abs().
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Pass a uint32_t write mask to spirv_compiler_emit_neg().
vkd3d: Trace GetLastError() results with %lu.
vkd3d-shader/dxbc: Pass a size_t offset to shader_get_string().
vkd3d-shader/dxbc: Pass an unsigned int count to shader_parse_root_parameters1().
vkd3d-shader/dxbc: Use sizeof(uint32_t) instead of sizeof(DWORD) in calls to require_space().
vkd3d-common: Get rid of InterlockedAdd().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Pass a uint32_t modifier token to shader_sm4_read_instruction_modifier().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the "components" token as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_dcl_resource().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the "addressing" token as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_param().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the current token as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_src_param().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the current token as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_dst_param().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the "recognized_bits" mask as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_instruction_modifier().
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Store the "precise" mask as a uint32_t in shader_sm4_read_instruction().
vkd3d-common: Introduce vkd3d_atomic_increment_u64().
include: Introduce a debug helper for HRESULTs.
vkd3d-utils: Use debugstr_hresult() in D3DCreateBlob().
vkd3d-utils: Use debugstr_hresult() in get_blob_part().
vkd3d-utils: Use debugstr_hresult() in D3DStripShader().
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Store the "offset" field as an unsigned int in hlsl_sm1_register_from_semantic().
vkd3d-common: Introduce vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32().
vkd3d-common: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in get_buffer().
vkd3d-common: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in vkd3d_blob_AddRef().
vkd3d-common: Introduce vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32().
vkd3d-common: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in vkd3d_blob_Release().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Introduce struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store the shader version in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store the "use_vocp" field in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store the SSA register count in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store the temporary register count in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_wait_for_gpu_fence().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_command_list_copy_incompatible_texture_region().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_command_queue_submit_locked().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_instance_init().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_create_vk_device().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_device_init().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_join_thread().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_init_null_resources().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store control point counts in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store the block count in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Store block names in struct vsir_program.
vkd3d-shader/ir: Get rid of shader_instruction_is_dcl().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Use vsir_instruction_is_dcl() in vsir_validate_instruction().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_create_compute_pipeline().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_pipeline_state_find_and_init_uav_counters().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_pipeline_state_init_compute().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_uav_clear_state_init().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_create_device().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_serialize_root_signature().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in vkd3d_serialize_versioned_root_signature().
vkd3d-shader: Start an if-block on VKD3DSIH_IFC in vkd3d_shader_scan_instruction().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_fence_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_fence_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_fence_incref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_fence_decref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_command_allocator_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_command_allocator_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_command_list_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_command_list_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_command_queue_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_command_queue_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_command_signature_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_command_signature_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in vkd3d_instance_incref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in vkd3d_instance_decref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_device_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_device_Release().
vkd3d-utils: Implement D3DDisassemble().
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Do not fail parsing the shader when undeclared inputs are encountered.
vkd3d-shader: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in vkd3d_shader_dump_blob().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a struct vsir_program to shader_parser_get_dst_params().
vkd3d-shader/ir: Pass a struct vsir_program to shader_parser_get_src_params().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_heap_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_heap_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in vkd3d_bind_heap_memory().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_heap_resource_destroyed().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_resource_incref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_resource_decref().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_resource_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_resource_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_descriptor_heap_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_descriptor_heap_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_query_heap_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_query_heap_Release().
vkd3d: Use debugstr_hresult() in d3d12_device_mark_as_removed().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_root_signature_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_root_signature_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_pipeline_state_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_pipeline_state_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_root_signature_deserializer_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_root_signature_deserializer_Release().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_increment_u32() in d3d12_versioned_root_signature_deserializer_AddRef().
vkd3d: Use vkd3d_atomic_decrement_u32() in d3d12_versioned_root_signature_deserializer_Release().
vkd3d: Introduce a debug helper for CPU descriptor handles.
vkd3d-common: Get rid of InterlockedIncrement().
vkd3d-common: Get rid of InterlockedDecrement().
vkd3d: Introduce a debug helper for GPU descriptor handles.
vkd3d-utils: Use PRIuPTR for SIZE_T variables in debug traces.
vkd3d: Get rid of vkd3d_atomic_increment().
vkd3d: Get rid of vkd3d_atomic_decrement().
vkd3d: Use PRIuPTR for SIZE_T variables in debug traces.
vkd3d: Cast DWORD flags to uint32_t in debug traces.
tests: Implement check_requirements() for the OpenGL shader runner.
tests/shader_runner: Allow UAV resources to be created without initial data.
tests: Disable buffering of stdout.
tests/shader_runner: Pass the runner capabilities to run_shader_tests().
tests/shader_runner: Print a summary of the runner capabilities in run_shader_tests().
tests/shader_runner: Print information about the run configuration in run_shader_tests().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Introduce hlsl_type.e.resource.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Replace HLSL_MODIFIER_RASTERIZER_ORDERED with a hlsl_type.e.resource flag.
ci: Enable colour output for the tests.
vkd3d: Disable "robustBufferAccess2" as well when we disable "robustBufferAccess".
configure: Build with -Wempty-body.
configure: Build with -Wshift-overflow=2.
configure: Build with -Wtype-limits.
configure: Build with -Wwrite-strings.
vkd3d: Store a D3D12_RESOURCE_DESC structure in struct vkd3d_image_resource_create_info.
vkd3d-shader: Add documentation for the INT64 and FLOAT64 feature flags.
vkd3d-compiler: Compile SPIR-V shaders with the int64 and float64 features.
tests/shader_runner: Set the vkd3d-shader API version in the Vulkan runner.
tests/shader_runner: Set the SPIR-V feature flags based on the runner caps.
vkd3d-utils: Restore the \since 1.11 command on D3DReflect().
vkd3d-shader: Document the newly supported transformations for d3dbc and HLSL sources.
vkd3d-shader: Update the chained structure list for vkd3d_shader_compile().

Jacek Caban (1):
vkd3d: Use uint64_t for the size in vkd3d_gpu_va_allocator_allocate.

Nikolay Sivov (30):
tests: Add some tests for effects groups syntax.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add 'fxgroup' token.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Rename rule for top-level techniques.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add variables for techniques.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Handle effect group statement.
vkd3d-shader: Add separate binary target type for effects.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Add initial support for writing fx_4_0/fx_4_1 binaries.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Rename the rule for an optional name.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add a scope for technique variables.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Write empty passes blocks.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Initial support for fx_5_0 output.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Do not write the same string twice.
tests/hlsl: Add some tests for annotations.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add initial support for parsing annotations.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add passes variables to the techniques.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Allow annotations on passes.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Allow annotations on techniques.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Check technique type in global scope as well.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Add initial support for writing fx_2_0 binaries.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Add initial support for writing passes for fx_2_0.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Use variable pointer in write_group().
vkd3d-shader/fx: Do not align strings for fx_4/fx_5 profiles.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Add initial support for writing buffers descriptions.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Do not align structured data section.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add RenderTargetView object type.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Add initial support for writing object variables.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Handle fx_4+ texture types.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Handle fx_4+ UAV types.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Add DepthStencilView object type.
vkd3d-shader/fx: Write DepthStencilView types.

Petrichor Park (4):
tests/shader-runner: Add tests for acos and asin trig intrinsics.
tests/shader-runner: Add tests for atan and atan2 trig intrinsics.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Implement acos and asin trig intrinsics.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Implement atan and atan2.

Stefan D?singer (4):
tests: Show that creating identical root signatures returns the same pointer.
tests: Show that graphics pipeline state objects are not reused.
tests: Show that compute pipeline state objects are not reused.
tests: Show that CreatePipelineState also doesn't reuse duplicate objects.

Victor Chiletto (1):
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Fix hlsl_ir_resource_store::resource cleanup.

Zebediah Figura (41):
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Avoid shadowing "load" in lower_index_loads().
tests: Avoid shadowing "l" in test_get_copyable_footprints().
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Avoid shadowing "instr" in write_sm1_jump().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Avoid shadowing "block" in resolve_loop_continue().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Avoid shadowing "load" in intrinsic_tex().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Avoid shadowing "jump" in normalize_switch_cases().
vkd3d-shader: Add a helper to search the scan descriptor info.
configure: Enable -Wshadow.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Do not use the output_info array for patch constants.
vkd3d-shader/tpf: Do not uninvert used masks for domain shader patch constants.
vkd3d-shader/spirv: Declare I/O registers from the signature.
vkd3d-shader/dxil: No longer synthesize DCL instructions.
vkd3d-shader: Do not scan the shader in vkd3d_shader_parser_compile() for assembly targets.
vkd3d-shader: Do not scan DCL instructions which do not declare resources.
tests: Use struct vkd3d_shader_scan_signature_info to retrieve the VS input signature.
tests: Avoid using "SV_Position" as a name for the vertex shader input.
vkd3d-shader: Allow compiling d3d bytecode to SPIR-V.
vkd3d-shader: Lower shader model 1/2 inter-stage I/O to a flat array.
vkd3d-shader/d3dbc: Assign unique register indices for VKD3DSPR_RASTOUT.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Remove a redundant definition of the "float" type.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Do not try to lower ternaries of types other than scalar or vector.
tests: Add many more tests for ternary expressions.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Separate an add_ternary() helper.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Allow non-numeric types in the ternary operator.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Forbid objects in ternary conditions.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Handle scalar conditions in ternaries.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Handle scalar values in ternaries.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Forbid mismatched argument types in ternaries.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Copy some missing fields in hlsl_type_clone().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Validate the condition data type for loops as well.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Validate that condition expressions are numeric.
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Always cast to bool in if() statements.
tests: Add tests for valid conditional types.
include: Add vkd3d_d3d12shader.idl.
vkd3d-utils: Add D3DReflect().
vkd3d-utils: Implement input and output signature reflection.
tests: Test signature reflection via D3DReflect().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Check the resource format for UAVs also in hlsl_types_are_equal().
vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write the SFI0 section and "REQUIRES_ROVS" flag when ROVs are used.