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VirtualBox 7.0.16 is now available. Various fixes and additions are included in this maintenance release. These include the correction of a guru meditation that was executing nested-guests using the KVM hypervisor, the correction of Linux VM crashes on AMD models, and the enhancement of EHCI controllers. Additionally, it includes enhancements to the audio in general, as well as updates to the usage information and documentation for VBoxManage and vboximg-mount. Additionally, it addresses problems with, kernel module build failures, and macOS hosts. Support for kernel 6.9 and mk_pte warnings are also included in this release.

VirtualBox 7.0.16

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: Fixed a guru meditation executing nested-guests using the KVM hypervisor in the guest on Intel hosts (bug #21805)
  • VMM: Fixed Linux VM crash on some recent AMD models
  • USB: Fixed issue when EHCI controller was mishandling short packets (bug #20726)
  • Audio: Introduced general improvements
  • VBoxManage and vboximg-mount: Updated usage information and documentation (bugs #21895#21992 and #21993)
  • Guest Control: Fixed starting Windows guest processes in the correct Windows session (7.0 regression)
  • Linux Host: Fixed issue when was deleting wrong VBoxSVC IPC socket when VM was started using sudo (bug #20928)
  • Linux Host: Fixed kernel modules build failure when using GCC 13.2
  • macOS Host: Fixed issue when App Nap was affecting VM performance (bug #18678)
  • Linux Host and Guest: Added fixes related to UBSAN warnings discovered on recent Linux distributions (bug #21877)
  • Linux Host and Guest: Added possibility to prevent kernel module from automatic loading during system boot by adding mod_name.disabled=1 into kernel command line
  • Linux Host and Guest: Added initial support for kernel 6.9 (bug #22033)
  • Linux Host and Guest: Fixed mk_pte warning introduced in kernel 6.6 (bug #21898)
  • Linux Guest Additions: Added initial support for kernel 6.8
  • Windows Guest Additions: Introduced general improvements in graphics area


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