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One of the best reasons to own any Android product is that there are thousands of games you can download to play. Games have been a part of our culture since we first discovered fire and will remain a part of who we are for the rest of humanity’s existence. Games for mobile devices have come a long way in the past few years and this has given the Android games that would be just as at home on a console. While there are thousands of games available for the Android, this article lists ten games that are better than most of the others.

What is really amazing about all of these games is that they look and play just like a console game. If Android developers continue the trend of putting out better and better games, it is entirely possible that the Android will replace consoles as the number one gaming device on the planet Who knows in ten years people may just be saying “remember when we used to have a PlayStation… that was so old fashioned.

  The 10 Best Games You Can Get On Android Right Now