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InfoWorld has put up another interview with Sun. This time with Sun's CEO Scott McNealy.

InfoWorld: With your drive to adopt Linux on Intel servers, it kind of sounds like you just discovered 32-bit computing. Sun was a pioneer in 32-bit computing, so why now the emphasis there after pushing the value of 64-bit computing for the past several years?

McNealy: The first version of Sparc processors were 32 bit. But the whole Sun strategy was a 64-bit architecture, so we went 100 percent to 64 bit. We just kind of forgot. We didn't forget the 16-bit, 8-bit or 4-bit environment with Java Cards, ME [Micro Edition], and SE [Standard Edition] and all the rest of it. But what snuck up on us is that servers moved out of the server room. They moved out to the edge of the server room and out to the edge of the network.

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