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A new ISO image of SparkyLinux 7.0 MinimalGUI i686 is now available for download.

ISO MinimalGUI i686

There is iso image of Sparky 7.0 MinimalGUI i686 available to download.

As you know, Sparky 7 still supports i686 architecture (32 bit), but I created only MinimalCLI (text mode) i686 iso image before.
But… I didn’t expect it is still popular and in use, maybe not so popular as amd64, but still is.

So, updated MinimalGUI virtual machine and created and uploaded a new i686 iso.

No reinstallation is required if you have Sparky 6.x installed, simply keep it up to date, or following our Wiki page, upgrade it to version 7.

Download a new iso from  /download/stable/ page.


ISO MinimalGUI i686 - SparkyLinux