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A new version of SparkyLinux oldstable, based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 LTS, has been released. The following images are available: LXDE, MinimalGUI, MinimalCLI, and ARMHF.

Sparky 4.13

There is an update of Sparky oldstable 4.13 code name “Tyche” out there. It is based on the Debian oldstable “Stretch”.

• system upgrade from Debian oldstable “Stretch” repos as of October 2, 2020
• Calamares doesn’t refresh package list to avoid breaking installation if Debian or Sparky repo is off
• Sparky repos changed from ‘oldstable’ to named ‘tyche’; make sure you use right  Sparky repositories
• Linux kernel upgraded up to 4.9.228-1
• Firefox 78.3.0esr
• Thunderbird 68.12.0
• LibreOffice 4.3.3

System re-installation is not required, simply keep Sparky up to date.

New oldstable iso images can be downloaded from the  download/oldstable page.


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