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New ISO images (LXQt, MATE, Xfce, KDE, MinimalGUI, and MinimalCLI) of SparkyLinux rolling edition based on Debian GNU/Linux 12 Bookworm (testing) with Kernel 5.19.11 are now available.

Sparky 2022.10

New iso images of Sparky 2022.10 of the (semi-)rolling line are out.

Changes between Sparky 2022.07 and 2022.10:
– all packages updated from Debian and Sparky testing repos as of October 5, 2022
– Linux kernel 5.19.11 (6.0.0 & 5.15.72-LTS & 4.9.330-LTS49 in sparky unstable repos)
– GCC compiler v12 installed , GCC v11 removed from iso images
– added new ‘sparky7-theme’ with support of GTK2/3/4; it’s a package with a light and a dark theme to choose
– added a dark theme to ‘sparky5-lxqt-theme’ package so you can choose between Sparky light and dark themes now in LXQt desktop
– replaced Lightdm with SDDM session/login manager to all GTK based desktop iso images; the KDE and LXQt features SDDM as before; added a new SDDM theme ‘sddm-theme2-sparky’ to all live media; an older theme ‘sddm-theme-sparky’ is also installed; so all live media of the rolling line use SDDM now
– ‘sparky-upgrade’ can be launched as a short command now: ‘spu’ (

SP arky U pgrade)
– LXQt 1.1.0
– Openbox 3.6.1
– KDE Plasma 5.25.5
– Xfce 4.16
– MATE 1.26.0
– Calamares 3.2.61
– Firefox 105.0.2
– Thunderbird 102.3.0
– VLC 3.0.17
– LibreOffice 7.4.1
– GRUB 2.06

– LXQt: nm-tray has a small issue, which calls xterm to edit network connection, but qterminal is installed as its dependency; so rebuilt nm-tray which installs and calls spterm now

No reinstallation is required if you have Sparky rolling installed, simply keep it up to date via the command:
or shorter:

Download Sparky rolling edition