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KnoLinux published a review on Simply Mepis 6.0

SimplyMepis 6.0 has been around for a bit now, but in my effort to review the most popular and easiest distros marketed today, there simply is no way to skip over this product. Mepis itself is not too new, having been around in one form or another for a couple of years. Recently, Warren Woodford moved his product to be based on Ubuntu which is a really strong distro and extremely popular. Warren's story is similar to that of many people who create their own distros; he just wanted one that worked the way he wanted it too. I myself gave the distro a run in its beta stages and was very impressed with the extras that Mepis added to an already great package. For clarity sake, it would technically be closer to Kubuntu, but that is neither here nor there as switching from Ubuntu to K is as simple as one right click and apply.
Simply Mepis 6.0 - Simply a solid option for a Linux Distro that works