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The second MEPIS 8.0 Beta is now available

Warren has uploaded a second 8.0 beta, MEPIS 7.9.80-beta. MEPIS 8.0 offers up-to-date user applications delivered on top of a Debian Lenny core.

Important package changes in this beta include kernel, ntfs-3g34, OpenOffice 3.0rc2, and OpenJDK 6. The new kernel supports VirtualBox-OSE 2.0.2, which is available for installation from the MEPIS 8.0 pool.

Plugable ntfs devices are once again handled automatically with ntfs-3g. At this time, permanent ntfs devices must be mounted manually with ntfs-3g. An automatic solution is being investigated.

This release introduces a striking new desktop theme developed by MEPIS community members Brooko, Ljogerst, Utopia, and Julzzz.

ISO images are in the 'testing' subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at the MEPIS public mirrors. To support the ongoing development of MEPIS, please go to the MEPIS store and become a MEPIS subscriber.
Second MEPIS 8.0 Beta Uploaded For Testing