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A press release from SmartFLeX Technology, Inc.

Nazareth, PA - October 15, 2004 - SmartFLeX Technology Inc., a leading developer of Linux based Thin Client and Desktop solutions, today announced the availability of its new NETion SmartClient. Based on the SmartFLeX Technology NETion software framework, this new embedded Linux Thin Client Solution covers all available Thin Client scenarios. NETion, a member of the company's SmartClient series is the first Thin Client to support Ericom's new PowerTerm® RemoteView technology.

The NETion SmartClient is the first Thin Client that supports seamless Windows applications and application publishing with RDP at no additional cost. The inclusion of Ericom's PowerTerm InterConnect and PowerTerm RemoteView in the new NETion SmartClient enables access to Windows applications and legacy applications. As a built-in feature, Ericom's PowerTerm RemoteView provides connectivity to Windows applications running on Windows Terminal Server 2000 / 2003 - with seamless applications and application publishing. Additionally, Ericom's PowerTerm InterConnect enables secure access to legacy applications running on IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, OpenVMS, Unix, Linux, Tandem, Data General, HP-3000 and more. The benefit of Power Term InterConnect and PowerTerm RemoteView's inclusion is that NETion SmartClient users can take advantage of Windows and legacy application access at no additional cost.

The NETion SmartClient provides the following features:
Secure Remote X, XDMCP Ericom's PowerTerm InterConnect and PowerTerm RemoteView for Seamless Windows Applications and Terminal Emulation
Enhanced xRDP (based on rdesktop)
ICA client
Native Tarantella client
VNC client
Local Sound Support for streaming audio and Media Player
Local CUPS printing engine and local BSD/lpr printing
Font Server, NFS font path, and dynamic font download
SignOne Technology (one general login instead of individual session login)
Mozilla Browser with pre-installed plugins
Mail Client (POP3 and secure IMAP)
Embedded Java (JRE)
Server independent Client Management System
Help Desk System (Interactive client shadowing)

This new NETion is based on the company's groundbreaking NETion Software Framework which allows a customer to order a NETion customized within any combination of the above features without any additional customization cost.

NETion is available on a variety of hardware platforms. The NETion software is also available on a flash module only, to allow system builders to brand their own NETion type SmartClient. The Linux based firmware can be upgraded manually or with the help of the SmartFLeX CMS (Client Management System) via ftp.

NETion is now available to end users and the reseller channel. Due to the innovative nature of the NETion Software Framework, SmartFLeX Technology can now license individual designs to small scale OEMs or even resellers directly - without the price penalty usually imposed by competitors for low volume licensing deals. Retail pricing for the NETion starts as low as US$ 249.00 for a NETion/e configuration. Reseller and volume pricing are available. Please visit our WEB site at for detailed information. For OEM inquiries, please call SmartFLeX Technology, Inc. at 610-746-2395 or send e-mail to

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SmartFLeX Technology is a leading USA based, privately held and funded Linux IT product design and service company. SmartFLeX Technology is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most flexible customer oriented Linux Thin Client, Desktop and Server Solution company.

Company highlights include the first network terminal in 1993, the first Linux based Thin Client in 1994, the first true Linux Desktop Distribution in 2000, the first SmartFLeX Client in 2001, the first SmartFLeX Server in 2002, and now first again with seamless application support for Windows Terminal Server 2000/2003.

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Ericom Software develops and markets the PowerTerm® line of host connectivity software. Ericom's PowerTerm products support over 30 different emulation types and provide connectivity to a wide range of systems including: Windows Terminal Server 2000 / 2003, IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, OpenVMS, Unix, Linux, Tandem, Data General, HP-3000 and more. Ericom has offices in the US and Europe and since 1993 has over 5 million installations worldwide. For more information on Ericom's PowerTerm solutions please visit