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Techradar reports that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still on sale in the UK

While the 'Apple vs the rest of the world' lawsuits rumble on in the European courts, British Android-fanciers have one last chance to snap up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.That's because retailers have been given the all-clear to sell the stock they bought from Samsung prior to the 9 August ruling in Germany. The clock is ticking though, because when stock runs out, that's it for the foreseeable - it's going to be several weeks before Samsung can even challenge the temporary injunction, let alone overturn it.Retailer restrictionsThe exact legal position remains a grey haze of misinformation, and Dixons Store Group PR told TechRadar earlier this afternoon that it had received "no legal instruction to remove the product" from its stores.
  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 still on sale in the UK