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ROCm 5.7.0 has been released.

ROCm 5.7.0

ROCm 5.7.0 includes many new features. Please see the complete  release notes New features include: a new library (hipTensor), debugger (ROCgdb) support for Fortran and OMPD, and optimizations for rocRAND and MIVisionX. Address sanitizer for host and device code (GPU) is now available as a beta. Note that ROCm 5.7.0 is EOS for MI50. 5.7 versions of ROCm are the last major release in the ROCm 5 series. This release is Linux-only.

Important: The next major ROCm release (ROCm 6.0) will not be backward compatible with the ROCm 5 series. Changes will include: splitting LLVM packages into more manageable sizes, changes to the HIP runtime API that is not backward compatible, splitting rocRAND and hipRAND into separate packages, and reorganizing our file structure.

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