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Red Hat has announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10. The latest upgrade adds additional tools to speed up and simplify these cycles, which include development, deployment, and management duties. RHEL 8.10 introduces new Application Streams for PHP 8.2, Python 3.12, PostgreSQL 16, Ruby 3.3, MariaDB 10, Nginx 1.24, and compiler toolkits.

Optimize application life cycles with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10

Defining application life cycles can give you a more structured approach to designing, building and delivering applications that meet user needs and business objectives. From initial development, through production deployment, to ongoing management and optimization, well-planned application life cycles help you deliver solutions that remain more adaptive and resilient over time. With the new capabilities of  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.10, you can better speed and simplify application life cycles—including development, deployment and management tasks—on a trusted and more reliable software foundation.

Develop innovative new solutions

Building and deploying modern, cloud-native applications can help you enhance customer experiences, streamline operations and increase agility. With advanced technologies available in  Application Streams, you can develop new, innovative applications that set your business apart, helping you capture new market share and stay ahead of the competition. New Application Streams in RHEL 8.10 include:

  • PHP 8.2. Increase application performance and stability with this major update of the PHP language—including new features like read-only classes, object-oriented random number generator application programming interfaces (APIs), and additional standalone types.
  • Python 3.12. Simplify development processes with new optimizations and features such as flexible f-string parsing, a new API for debugging and profiling, and support for isolated subinterpreters and the Linux performance profiler in traces.
  • PostgreSQL 16. Speed database workloads with added features and enhancements, including parallel hash join, logical replication from standby servers, large transactions in parallel, improved statistics monitoring, and new SQL/JSON constructors and identity functions.
  • Ruby 3.3. Reduce application memory use and runtime with new enhancements such as the Prism parser and a pure-Ruby just-in-time (JIT) compiler.
  • MariaDB 10.11. Protect sensitive data with new server and administrator authentication features and boost application performance with optimizer and replication improvements.
  • Nginx 1.24. Enhance content and application delivery with new features such as improved header handling and optimized memory use.
  • Compiler toolkits. Streamline application development with new tool versions, including  LLVM 17 Rust 1.75, and  Go 1.21.

Optimize application life cycles with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10