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An updated version of the ProtonUp-Qt tool for setting up and managing Proton-GE for Steam and Wine-GE for Lutris has been made available by the tool's author.

ProtonUp-Qt v2.7.7

GUI for installing and updating  Proton-GE for Steam and Wine-based compatibility tools like  Wine-GE for Lutris. Partly based on  protonup.


  • Install Proton-GE, Wine-GE, Luxtorpeda, Boxtron and Roberta etc. for Steam, Lutris, Heroic Games Launcher and Boxtron
  • Optimized for game consoles/handhelds (Gamepad support)
  • Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 or newer, Fedora 34 and Manjaro 20.2


  • Added the  NorthstarProton compatibility tool
  • Added the  Steam-Play-None compatibility tool
  • Added  D8VK for Lutris
  • Added  VKD3D for Lutris
  • Added  ProtonDB ratings to the game list
  • Added an indicator if ProtonUp-Qt can't connect to the internet

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the game list support for Steam Flatpak
  • Fixed the game list not working since a Steam update (see  #155)

PS: If you would like to help to translate ProtonUp-Qt to another language, take a look at the  README here. Thanks!

Thanks to  @sonic2kk for the work on SteamTinkerLaunch support and for improving ProtonUp-Qt!

How to install

  1. Download the ProtonUp-Qt AppImage (recommended: or get it from  Flathub / your app store)
  2. Mark the AppImage as executable (either using your file manager or using the Terminal: chmod +x ProtonUp-Qt*.AppImage)
  3. Double-click the AppImage to run ProtonUp-Qt

Usage: See  this video by Intelligent Gaming or  this video by G's Multiverse or  this video by Brodie Robertson. Thanks!

Release ProtonUp-Qt v2.7.7 · DavidoTek/ProtonUp-Qt