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Eric Mann has announced a release candidate for PHP 8.3.8. The change log contains corrections for problems in the CGI, CLI, Core, DOM, FPM, Hash, Intl, MySQLnd, Opcache, XML, and XMLReader. These fixes address issues such as the buffer limit on Windows, incorrect handling of heredoc literals, references not being handled correctly in C14N, crashes when entity declarations are removed, FPM displaying decimal numbers instead of scientific notation, and switching the checking order of '__has_builtin' and '__GNUC__'.


- CGI:
. Fixed buffer limit on Windows, replacing read call usage by _read.
(David Carlier)

- CLI:
. Fixed bug GH-14189 (PHP Interactive shell input state incorrectly handles
quoted heredoc literals.). (nielsdos)

- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-13970 (Incorrect validation of #[Attribute] flags type for
non-compile-time expressions). (ilutov)

- DOM:
. Fix crashes when entity declaration is removed while still having entity
references. (nielsdos)
. Fix references not handled correctly in C14N. (nielsdos)
. Fix crash when calling childNodes next() when iterator is exhausted.
. Fix crash in ParentNode::append() when dealing with a fragment
containing text nodes. (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fix bug GH-14175 (Show decimal number instead of scientific notation in
systemd status). (Benjamin Cremer)

- Hash:
. ext/hash: Swap the checking order of `__has_builtin` and `__GNUC__`
(Saki Takamachi)

- Intl:
. Fixed build regression on systems without C++17 compilers. (Calvin Buckley,
Peter Kokot)

- MySQLnd:
. Fix bug GH-14255 (mysqli_fetch_assoc reports error from
nested query). (Kamil Tekiela)

- Opcache:
. Fixed bug GH-14109 (Fix accidental persisting of internal class constant in
shm). (ilutov)

- XML:
. Fixed bug GH-14124 (Segmentation fault with XML extension under certain
memory limit). (nielsdos)

- XMLReader:
. Fixed bug GH-14183 (XMLReader::open() can't be overridden). (nielsdos)

Release php-8.3.8RC1 · php/php-src