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Eric Mann has announced the release of PHP 8.3.5.


- Core:
. Fixed GH-13569 (GC buffer unnecessarily grows up to GC_MAX_BUF_SIZE when
scanning WeakMaps). (Arnaud)
. Fixed bug GH-13612 (Corrupted memory in destructor with weak references).
. Fixed bug GH-13446 (Restore exception handler after it finishes). (ilutov)
. Fixed bug GH-13784 (AX_GCC_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE failure). (Remi)
. Fixed bug GH-13670 (GC does not scale well with a lot of objects created in
destructor). (Arnaud)

- DOM:
. Add some missing ZPP checks. (nielsdos)
. Fix potential memory leak in XPath evaluation results. (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed GH-11086 (FPM: config test runs twice in daemonised mode).
(Jakub Zelenka)
. Fix incorrect check in fpm_shm_free(). (nielsdos)

- GD:
. Fixed bug GH-12019 (add GDLIB_CFLAGS in feature tests). (Michael Orlitzky)

- Gettext:
. Fixed sigabrt raised with dcgettext/dcngettext calls with gettext 0.22.5
with category set to LC_ALL. (David Carlier)

- MySQLnd:
. Fix GH-13452 (Fixed handshake response [mysqlnd]). (Saki Takamachi)
. Fix incorrect charset length in check_mb_eucjpms(). (nielsdos)

- Opcache:
. Fixed GH-13508 (JITed QM_ASSIGN may be optimized out when op1 is null).
(Arnaud, Dmitry)
. Fixed GH-13712 (Segmentation fault for enabled observers when calling trait
method of internal trait when opcache is loaded). (Bob)

- Random:
. Fixed bug GH-13544 (Pre-PHP 8.2 compatibility for mt_srand with unknown
modes). (timwolla)
. Fixed bug GH-13690 (Global Mt19937 is not properly reset in-between
requests when MT_RAND_PHP is used). (timwolla)

- Session:
. Fixed bug GH-13680 (Segfault with session_decode and compilation error).

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-13685 (Unexpected null pointer in zend_string.h). (nielsdos)

- Standard:
. Fixed bug GH-11808 (Live filesystem modified by tests). (nielsdos)
. Fixed GH-13402 (Added validation of `\n` in $additional_headers of mail()).
. Fixed bug GH-13203 (file_put_contents fail on strings over 4GB on Windows).
. Fixed bug GHSA-pc52-254m-w9w7 (Command injection via array-ish $command
parameter of proc_open). (CVE-2024-1874) (Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed bug GHSA-wpj3-hf5j-x4v4 (__Host-/__Secure- cookie bypass due to
partial CVE-2022-31629 fix). (CVE-2024-2756) (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GHSA-h746-cjrr-wfmr (password_verify can erroneously return true,
opening ATO risk). (CVE-2024-3096) (Jakub Zelenka)
Fixed bug GHSA-fjp9-9hwx-59fq (mb_encode_mimeheader runs endlessly for some
inputs). (CVE-2024-2757) (Alex Dowad)

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