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The release of PHP 8.3.4 has been announced by Jakub Zelenka. This version includes fixes for a number of issues, including ZTS persistent resource crashes, failing tests due to string changes in libcurl 8.6.0, DOM issues, reference access in dimensions for DOMNodeList and DOMNodeMap, fileinfo bugs, FPM issues, GD bugs, MySQLnd bugs, PDO bugs, PGSQL bugs, SPL bugs, Standard bugs, and XML bugs. These updates are intended to enhance the functionality of PHP as a whole, as well as improve performance and reduce the number of errors that occur.


- Core:
. Fix ZTS persistent resource crashes on shutdown. (nielsdos)

- Curl:
. Fix failing tests due to string changes in libcurl 8.6.0. (Ayesh)

- DOM:
. Fix unlikely memory leak in case of namespace removal with extremely deep
trees. (nielsdos)
. Fix reference access in dimensions for DOMNodeList and DOMNodeMap.

- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug GH-13344 (finfo::buffer(): Failed identify data 0:(null),
backport). (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug #75712 (getenv in php-fpm should not read $_ENV, $_SERVER).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- GD:
. Fixed bug GH-12019 (detection of image formats in system gd library).
(Michael Orlitzky)

- MySQLnd:
. Fixed bug GH-11950 ([mysqlnd] Fixed not to set CR_MALFORMED_PACKET to error
if CR_SERVER_GONE_ERROR is already set). (Saki Takamachi)

- PDO:
. Fix various PDORow bugs. (Girgias)

. Fixed bug GH-13354 (pg_execute/pg_send_query_params/pg_send_execute
with null value passed by reference). (George Barbarosie)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-13531 (Unable to resize SplfixedArray after being unserialized
in PHP 8.2.15). (nielsdos)

- Standard:
. Fixed bug GH-13279 (Instable array during in-place modification in uksort).
. Fixed array key as hash to string (case insensitive) comparison typo
for the second operand buffer size (albeit unused for now). (A. Slepykh)

- XML:
. Fixed bug GH-13517 (Multiple test failures when building with
--with-expat). (nielsdos)

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