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Eric Mann has announced the second release candidate for PHP 8.3.1.


- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-12758 / GH-12768 (Invalid opline in OOM handlers within
ZEND_FUNC_GET_ARGS and ZEND_BIND_STATIC). (Florian Engelhardt)
. Fix various missing NULL checks. (nielsdos, dstogov)
. Fixed bug GH-12835 (Leak of call->extra_named_params on internal __call).
. Fixed bug GH-12826 (Weird pointers issue in nested loops). (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug GH-12705 (Segmentation fault in fpm_status_export_to_zval).
(Patrick Prasse)

- FTP:
. Fixed bug GH-9348 (FTP & SSL session reuse). (nielsdos)

- LibXML:
. Fixed test failures for libxml2 2.12.0. (nielsdos)

- MySQLnd:
. Avoid using uninitialised struct. (mikhainin)
. Fixed bug GH-12791 (Possible dereference of NULL in MySQLnd debug code).

- Opcache:
. Fixed JIT bug (Function JIT emits "Uninitialized string offset" warning
at the same time as invalid offset Error). (Girgias)
. Fixed JIT bug (JIT emits "Attempt to assign property of non-object"
warning at the same time as Error is being thrown). (Girgias)

. Fixed the default value of $fetchMode in PDO::pgsqlGetNotify() (kocsismate)

. Fixed bug GH-12838 ([SOAP] Temporary WSDL cache files not being deleted).

- Standard
. Fixed GH-12745 (http_build_query() default null argument for $arg_separator
is implicitly coerced to string). (Girgias)

Release php-8.3.1RC2 · php/php-src