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Jakub Zelenka has announced the third release candidate for PHP 8.3.0.


- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-12189 (#[Override] attribute in trait does not check for
parent class implementations). (timwolla)
. Fixed OSS Fuzz #62294 (Unsetting variable after ++/-- on string variable
warning). (Girgias)
. Fixed bug GH-12215 (Module entry being overwritten causes type errors in
ext/dom). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12207 (memory leak when class using trait with doc block).
. Fixed bug GH-12273 (__builtin_cpu_init check). (Freaky)

- Filter:

- Hash:
. Fixed bug GH-12186 (segfault copying/cloning a finalized HashContext).

- Intl:
. Fixed bug GH-12243 (segfault on IntlDateFormatter::construct).
(David Carlier)
. Fixed bug GH-12282 (IntlDateFormatter::construct should throw an exception
on an invalid locale). (David Carlier)

- SimpleXML:
. Fixed bug GH-12170 (Can't use xpath with comments in SimpleXML). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12192 (SimpleXML infinite loop when getName() is called
within foreach). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12223 (Entity reference produces infinite loop in
var_dump/print_r). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12208 (SimpleXML infinite loop when a cast is used inside a
foreach). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #55098 (SimpleXML iteration produces infinite loop). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12167 (Unable to get processing instruction contents in
SimpleXML). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug GH-12169 (Unable to get comment contents in SimpleXML).

- Streams:
. Fixed bug GH-12190 (binding ipv4 address with both address and port at 0).
(David Carlier)

- XML:
. Fix return type of stub of xml_parse_into_struct(). (nielsdos)
. Fix memory leak when calling xml_parse_into_struct() twice. (nielsdos)

Release php-8.3.0RC3 · php/php-src