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Eric Mann has announced the release of the second release candidate for PHP 8.3.0.


- Core:
. Fixed GH-11847 (DTrace enabled build is broken). (Filip Zrůst)
. Fixed bug GH-11876: ini_parse_quantity() accepts invalid quantities.
. Fixed bug GH-12073 (Segfault when freeing incompletely initialized
closures). (ilutov)
. Fixed bug GH-12060 (Internal iterator rewind handler is called twice).
. Fixed OSS Fuzz #61865 (Undef variable in ++/-- for declared property
that is unset in error handler). (Girgias)
. Fixed bug GH-12102 (Incorrect compile error when using array access on TMP
value in function call). (ilutov)
. Fixed warning emitted when checking if a user stream is castable. (Girgias)
. Fixed bug GH-12123 (Compile error on MacOS with C++ extension when using

- FPM:
. Fixed GH-12077 (PHP 8.3.0RC1 borked socket-close-on-exec.phpt).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- Intl:
. Fixed bug GH-12020 (intl_get_error_message() broken after
MessageFormatter::formatMessage() fails). (Girgias)

. Fixed memory leak with failed SQLPrepare. (NattyNarwhal)
. Fixed persistent procedural ODBC connections not getting closed.

. Update bundled libpcre2 to 10.42. (nielsdos)

- SimpleXML:
. Fixed bug #52751 (XPath processing-instruction() function is not
supported). (nielsdos)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-11972 (RecursiveCallbackFilterIterator regression in 8.1.18).

- Standard:
. Fixed bug GH-12151 (str_getcsv ending with escape zero segfualt).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- SQLite3:
. Fixed bug GH-11878 (SQLite3 callback functions cause a memory leak with
a callable array). (nielsdos, arnaud-lb)

Release php-8.3.0RC2 · php/php-src