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Pierrick Charron has announced the release candidate for PHP 8.2.20. The change log contains corrections for several problems in the PHP code. These include a bug fix for the PHP Interactive shell input state, a bug fix for the Core code, a bug fix for the DOM code, a bug fix for the FFI code, a bug fix for the FPM code, a bug fix for the Hash code, a bug fix for the Intl code, a bug fix for the Ini code, a bug fix for the MySQLnd code, a bug fix for the Opcache code, and a bug fix for the XML code.


- CGI:
. Fixed buffer limit on Windows, replacing read call usage by _read.
(David Carlier)

- CLI:
. Fixed bug GH-14189 (PHP Interactive shell input state incorrectly handles
quoted heredoc literals.). (nielsdos)

- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-13970 (Incorrect validation of #[Attribute] flags type for
non-compile-time expressions). (ilutov)
. Fixed bug GH-14140 (Floating point bug in range operation on Apple Silicon
hardware). (Derick, Saki)

- DOM:
. Fix crashes when entity declaration is removed while still having entity
references. (nielsdos)
. Fix references not handled correctly in C14N. (nielsdos)
. Fix crash when calling childNodes next() when iterator is exhausted.
. Fix crash in ParentNode::append() when dealing with a fragment
containing text nodes. (nielsdos)

- FFI:
. Fixed bug GH-14215 (Cannot use FFI::load on CRLF header file with
apache2handler). (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fix bug GH-14175 (Show decimal number instead of scientific notation in
systemd status). (Benjamin Cremer)

- Hash:
. ext/hash: Swap the checking order of `__has_builtin` and `__GNUC__`
(Saki Takamachi)

- Intl:
. Fixed build regression on systems without C++17 compilers. (Calvin Buckley,
Peter Kokot)

- Ini:
. Fixed bug GH-14100 (Corrected spelling mistake in php.ini files).
(Marcus Xavier)

- MySQLnd:
. Fix bug GH-14255 (mysqli_fetch_assoc reports error from
nested query). (Kamil Tekiela)

- Opcache:
. Fixed bug GH-14109 (Fix accidental persisting of internal class constant in
shm). (ilutov)

- XML:
. Fixed bug GH-14124 (Segmentation fault with XML extension under certain
memory limit). (nielsdos)

- XMLReader:
. Fixed bug GH-14183 (XMLReader::open() can't be overridden). (nielsdos)

Release php-8.2.20RC1 · php/php-src