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Ben Ramsey has announced the availability of the release candidate for PHP 8.1.8.


- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-8338 (Intel CET is disabled unintentionally). (Chen, Hu)
. Fixed leak in Enum::from/tryFrom for internal enums when using JIT (ilutov)
. Fixed calling internal methods with a static return type from extension code. (Sara)
. Fixed bug GH-8655 (Casting an object to array does not unwrap refcount=1 references). (Nicolas Grekas)
. Fixed potential use after free in php_binary_init(). (Heiko Weber)

- CLI:
. Fixed GH-8827 (Intentionally closing std handles no longer possible). (cmb)

- COM:
. Fixed bug GH-8778 (Integer arithmethic with large number variants fails). (cmb)

- Curl:
. Fixed CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_TYPE is not treated as a string option. (Pierrick)

- Date:
. Fixed bug #72963 (Null-byte injection in CreateFromFormat and related functions). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #74671 (DST timezone abbreviation has incorrect offset). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #77243 (Weekdays are calculated incorrectly for negative years). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #78139 (timezone_open accepts invalid timezone string argument). (Derick)

- GD:
. Fixed imagecreatefromavif() memory leak. (cmb)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug #67764 (fpm: syslog.ident don't work). (Jakub Zelenka)

- MBString:
. mb_detect_encoding recognizes all letters in Czech alphabet (alexdowad)
. mb_detect_encoding recognizes all letters in Hungarian alphabet (alexdowad)
. Fixed bug GH-8685 (pcre not ready at mbstring startup). (Remi)
. Backwards-compatible mappings for 0x5C/0x7E in Shift-JIS are restored, after they had been changed in 8.1.0. (Alex Dowad)

. Fixed handling of single-key connection strings. (Calvin Buckley)

- OPcache:
. Fixed bug GH-8591 (tracing JIT crash after private instance method change). (Arnaud, Dmitry, Oleg Stepanischev)

- OpenSSL:
. Fixed bug #50293 (Several openssl functions ignore the VCWD). (Jakub Zelenka, cmb)
. Fixed bug #81713 (NULL byte injection in several OpenSSL functions working with certificates). (Jakub Zelenka)

. Fixed handling of single-key connection strings. (Calvin Buckley)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug GH-8563 (Different results for seek() on SplFileObject and SplTempFileObject). (Girgias)

- Zip:
. Fixed bug GH-8781 (ZipArchive::close deletes zip file without updating stat cache). (Remi)

Release php-8.1.8RC1 · php/php-src