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Patrick Allaert has announced the release of PHP 8.1.15.


- Apache:
. Fixed bug GH-9949 (Partial content on incomplete POST request). (cmb)

- Core:
. Fixed bug GH-10072 (PHP crashes when execute_ex is overridden and a __call
trampoline is used from internal code). (Derick)
. Fix GH-10251 (Assertion `(flag & (1<<3)) == 0' failed). (nielsdos)
. Fix wrong comparison in block optimisation pass after opcode update. (nieldsdos)

- Date:
. Fixed bug GH-9891 (DateTime modify with unixtimestamp (@) must work like
setTimestamp). (Derick)
. Fixed bug GH-10218 (DateTimeZone fails to parse time zones that contain the
"+" character). (Derick)

- Fiber:
. Fix assertion on stack allocation size. (nielsdos)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug GH-9981 (FPM does not reset fastcgi.error_header).
(Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed bug #67244 (Wrong owner:group for listening unix socket).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- Hash:
. Handle exceptions from __toString in XXH3's initialization (nielsdos)

. Fixed bug GH-10112 (LDAP\Connection::__construct() refers to ldap_create()).

- MBString:
. Fixed: mb_strlen (and a couple of other mbstring functions) would wrongly treat 0x80, 0xFD, 0xFE, 0xFF, and certain other byte values as the first byte of a 2-byte SJIS character. (Alex Dowad)

- Opcache:
. Fix inverted bailout value in zend_runtime_jit() (Max Kellermann).
. Fix access to uninitialized variable in accel_preload(). (nielsdos)
. Fix zend_jit_find_trace() crashes. (Max Kellermann)
. Added missing lock for EXIT_INVALIDATE in zend_jit_trace_exit. (Max Kellermann)

- Phar:
. Fix wrong flags check for compression method in phar_object.c (nielsdos)

. Fix undefined behaviour in phpdbg_load_module_or_extension(). (nielsdos)
. Fix NULL pointer dereference in phpdbg_create_conditional_breal(). (nielsdos)
. Fix GH-9710: phpdbg memory leaks by option "-h" (nielsdos)
. Fix phpdbg segmentation fault in case of malformed input (nielsdos)

- Posix:
. Fix memory leak in posix_ttyname() (girgias)

- Standard:
. Fix GH-10187 (Segfault in stripslashes() with arm64). (nielsdos)
. Fix substr_replace with slots in repl_ht being UNDEF. (nielsdos)

. Fixed Windows shmget() wrt. IPC_PRIVATE. (Tyson Andre)

- XMLWriter
. Fix missing check for xmlTextWriterEndElement (nielsdos)

Release php-8.1.15 · php/php-src