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Provo, UT – Cluster Resources, Inc. today announced that Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) employed Moab Cluster Suite to manage its Cray XT3 Jaguar cluster, number ten in the list, providing greater control and functionality.

ORNL has some of the fastest computing resources in the world. In order to provide optimal efficiency in utilization and more fine-tuned control, ORNL turned to Cluster Resources’ Moab technologies for a solution to manage job scheduling for their 5,294 node cluster.

Moab’s highly customizable management features give ORNL the power they need to control usage of the cluster. Administrators at ORNL can use Moab to set user policies, for example allowing them to control what users have precedence for computing resources during a period of high demand. Moab can enforce service level agreements that ensure users receive promised resources. Moab’s powerful scheduling engine can optimize the utilization on the cluster automatically, allocating jobs to the best matched resources so users get work done faster.

“ORNL owns some of the most powerful hardware money can buy,” said David Jackson, CEO of Cluster Resources, Inc. “Adding Moab on top of their hardware empowers ORNL with one of the most powerful management tools available. We are pleased with how well Moab has worked on top of the Cray XT3 cluster to give administrators fine-tuned control. ORNL appears also to be pleased as they are now running Moab on their leadership-class computers.”

ORNL also uses Moab on “Phoenix”, a 1024 multi-streaming vector processor Cray X1E system, and “Ram”, a large SGI Altix system.

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