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Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that provides access to the graphical desktop via user-customizable combinations of speech, braille, and/or magnification. Orca development has been led by the Sun Microsystems, Inc., Accessibility Program Office via continued engagement with its end users and contributions from wonderful community members.

You can also read more about Orca at The Orca 2.17.x series are designated for the GNOME 2.17.x releases, but should also work well on the GNOME 2.16.x releases. NOTE ON FIREFOX 3.0 SUPPORT: we know many of you are anxiously awaiting compelling access to the web via Orca and Firefox. As of v2.17.92, the support is still under development and both the Orca and Firefox teams are working feverishly to get it there for Firefox 3.0. We're getting there step by step.

* What's changed for Orca v2.17.92?

* Much more work on support for Firefox. Firefox support still has a ways to go, both inside Firefox itself and inside Orca.

* Fix for bug 412058 to terminate the python process better when it receives a TERM signal. Note that one must send the TERM signal directly to the Python process. Sending it to the shell script won't do since the shell script turns around and does a kill -9 on the Python process when it gets a TERM signal. The motivation for this is to better support the code coverage analysis work that is being done by Lynn Monsanto.

* Work on bug 354479 to announce what we can about changes to the battery status. There are currently issues with the AT-SPI support from the Galago support used by gnome-panel that prevent us from doing a more effect job here.

* Fix for bug 407480 to prevent "orca --help" and other informative commands from killing other Orca processes that might be running.

* Fix for bug 409708 to remove unnecessary code from Thunderbird script now that a few Thunderbird bugs have been fixed.

* Fix for bug 405541 to better handle Thunderbird message summary list in braille.

* Fix for but 408174 to make laptop keybindings work better (Thanks to community member Juan Ramon Jimenez for this fix!!!).

* Fixed for bug 405624 so Orca will report a label even if it was same as previous one.

* New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

ar Arabic Khaled Hosny and Djihed Afifi
bg Bulgarian Alexander Shopov
en_GB English/British David Lodge
fi Finnish Ilkka Tuohela
fr French Jonathan Ernst and St=E9phane Raimbault
it Italian Luca Ferretti
ko Korean Changwoo Ryu
nb Norwegian Bokm=E5l Kjartan Maraas and Sigurd Gartmann
pl Polish Artur Flints and GNOME PL Team
pt Portuguese Duarte Loreto
sv Swedish Daniel Nylander
zh_CN Simplified Chinese Funda Wang and Abel Cheung
zh_HK Traditional Chinese Chao-Hsiung Liao and Woodman Tuen
zh_TW Traditional Chinese Chao-Hsiung Liao and Woodman Tuen

* Where can I get it?

You can obtain Orca v2.17.92 in source code form at the following:


The Orca Team