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DistroWatch published a review on openSUSE 15.4 Leap.

openSUSE 15.4 Leap

The openSUSE team published a new version of their distribution about a week ago. The new release, openSUSE 15.4 Leap, shares its code base with SUSE Linux Enterprise. The new release offers a number of specialized features, particularly with tools focused on AI projects, machine learning, and setting up git repositories. The distribution also ships with tools for hospitals via GNU Health, and offers version 5.14 of the Linux kernel. Several desktop environment are packaged for openSUSE, including KDE Plasma 5.24, Xfce 4.16, GNOME 41, MATE 1.26, and Deepin 20.3. I also found it interesting the distribution offers a copy of the DNF package manager which can be used in place of openSUSE's Zypper. The DNF utility reportedly doesn't have any repositories enabled by default, but the project offers documentation on how to switch from Zypper to DNF.
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