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A press release from SmartFLeX Technology:

ROME, Italy, January 3, 2005 - NoMachine and SmartFLeX Technology announce a partnership that provides a total solution for customers seeking NX client capabilities integrated with state of the art thin clients. SmartFLeX Technology becomes the first North American thin client company to offer a fully functional NoMachine NX client in its NETion SmartClient series. With the addition of the NoMachine NX client, end users now have access to a SmartClient that extends the usability of traditional thin clients.

“By integrating the NoMachine NX client into our SmartClient series, we can now offer an embedded Linux solution that covers all available thin client scenarios. The SmartClient series is based on our unique Linux NETion software framework. This software framework provides SmartFLeX Technology with a rapid development and customization technology, enabling us to create new thin client variants for companies seeking to deploy a tailored thin client solution. By utilizing the NETion software framework, we are the only company that can offer a pure NoMachine client to customers which does not include any competing client protocols," says Hans Knobloch, CEO of SmartFLeX Technology. He adds, "We try to keep it simple for our customers".
"Being integrated into SmartFLeX's thin clients now means that NoMachine can extend its reach even further in the Thin Client sector. This is another important step in spreading the use of NoMachine NX technology as the Linux leader in networking and remote access, and now through the expertise of SmartFLeX," commented Gian Filippo Pinzari, CEO of NoMachine. "One of the challenges to successfully implementing Linux in the corporate thin client scenario is putting together the right components and getting them to work together. SmartFLeX and NoMachine do just that."
SmartFLeX Technology's specialized services include highly flexible software that allows for easy customization. Customers have a wide variety of options to create the solution they need, from complete thin client appliances to stand alone Flash Modules or software licensing agreements.

About SmartFLeX Technology:
SmartFLeX Technology is a leading USA based, privately held and funded Linux IT product design and service company. SmartFLeX Technology is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most flexible customer oriented Linux Thin Client, Desktop and Server Solution company. Company highlights include the first network terminal in 1993, the first Linux based Thin Client in 1994, the first true Linux Desktop Distribution in 2000, the first SmartFLeX Client in 2001, the first SmartFLeX Server in 2002, and now first again with the NoMachine client. For additional information, please contact or[/ur].

About NoMachine:
NoMachine is the creator of NX software, the solution for those looking for a quality alternative for remote access, application deployment and outstanding performance. Behind NoMachine software is the NX Distributed Computing Architecture, a suite of Open Source technologies and commercial tools, designed by NoMachine to make network computing as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine has built the foundations of its NXDCA on two well known and widely used open standards, SSH and the X-Window System, the windowing system which is behind the GUIs of Linux and the Unix Operating System. For more information contact or visit [url]