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With code that can be downloaded and used immediately, new book gives OOP thorough treatment

San Francisco, CA--It's commonly believed that "real" developers use object oriented programming (OOP). While PHP 4 offered limited OOP capabilities, PHP 5 is a full blown object oriented language. The new object model makes OOP in PHP much more powerful and intuitive, and better than ever for any project. In "Object Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques, and Code" (No Starch Press, June 2006,, author Peter Lavin helps developers make the leap from procedural to object oriented code by conditioning them to think of programming as using a set of ready-made tools.

"Object Oriented PHP" begins with a discussion of code compatible with PHP, and then focuses on object orientation in PHP 5. The author's practical approach teaches by example, coupling new concepts with easily reusable sample code, all of which is available for download on the book's companion website. Moreover, the book illustrates concepts with concrete examples, rather than discussing them in the abstract, and the advantages of object-oriented programming are clearly demonstrated, not simply asserted. Additional resources and the downloadable code are available at the companion website, .

Inside "Object Oriented PHP," readers learn to:

-Use PHP with AJAX applications
-Simplify database access using MySQL classes
-Replace clumsy error trapping with exception handling
-Use XML with an object oriented approach
-Read an RSS feed using only four lines of code
-Use the Reflection classes to autogenerate documentation for code
-Create thumbnail images on the fly
-Learn to use PDO to create a uniform database interface
-Take full advantage of the advanced object oriented features of PHP

"'Object Oriented PHP' fits the profile of a typical No Starch Press book-- it's well-written, there's no fluff or filler material, the author really knows his stuff, and it's organized so readers can use what they've learned immediately," said Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press. "It's a practical and non-ideological approach to object oriented programming."

Containing information unavailable elsewhere and consolidating material spread across multiple sources, Object Oriented PHP is the best book on the market for developers who are familiar with PHP and want to grasp its object oriented capabilities. It's also suitable for programmers who already know an object oriented language like Java and would like to learn a scripting language.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Peter Lavin writes regularly on all things tech, from computer book reviews to web design, and runs a web development firm based in Toronto. He has been published in a number of magazines and online sites, including, International PHP Magazine and php|architect, and is a contributor to PHP Hacks (O'Reilly).

Object Oriented PHP
Peter Lavin
June 2006, 224 pp., $39.95
ISBN 1-59327-077-1,

Available at fine bookstores everywhere, from, or directly from No Starch Press (,,800.420.7240).

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