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Saw over at OSNews that USA Linux Users Group has posted a newbie guide for the FTP install of SuSe 9.0

This is my newbie guide for the net install (ftp install) of SuSe 9.0
Read through this entirely so you can familiarize yourself with the steps, and get the data you need to finish your install.

Since SuSe doesn't offer free iso download versions of SuSe, I decided to write this guide on how to do an net install (ftp install) of SuSe 9.0 since that is something that they do offer for free, but don't offer support. They do offer a "guide" to installing SuSe from the net, but it lacks detail and seems intentionally cryptic to me. I wanted to write a step by step guide to make things simpler so others don't have to search and search for hints on how it's done.
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