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A press release from StartCom:

Eilat, Israel, October 30, 2004 - StartCom Linux released today a add-on CDROM, called StartCom MultiMedia Productivity, meant to be installed in addition to StartCom's latest released distribution, StartCom MultiMedia Edition ( The additional CD comes with a autorun installer and a advanced set of audio and video manipulation programs.

The MultiMedia Productivity CD lets you transform your Linux system into a productive Music Recording Studio by using your existing hardware (minimum a soundcard is needed) and the provided set of applications. It includes ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) drivers for most soundcards, Jack Audio Server for advanced application interaction, Audacity and Ardour Recording Studio, 24 Track Midi Sequencer, Hydrogen Drum Machine, various Synthesizers and Samplers for Sound Manipulation to mention only the most important features. But also a set of Video editing tools are included such as Kino and Cinelerra, enhanced by filter applications, camera capture tools and more.

StartCom MultiMedia Edition can be downloaded free from one of our download mirrors (

Installation instructions for the StartCom MultiMedia Productivity Add-On can be found here (

View some Screenshots of the applications (