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Eric Engestrom has announced the availability of the third bugfix release for Mesa 24.0.

mesa 24.0.3

Hello everyone,

The bugfix release 24.0.3 is now available.

If you find any issues, please report them here:

The next bugfix release is due in two weeks, on March 27th.



Boyuan Zhang (1):
meson: bump the minimal required vdpau version to 1.4

Caio Oliveira (1):
intel/compiler: Fix SIMD lowering when instruction needs a larger SIMD

Chia-I Wu (1):
aco: fix nir_op_pack_32_4x8 handling

Christian Gmeiner (1):
etnaviv: Fix how we determine the max supported number of varyings

Corentin Noël (1):
zink: Return early if the file descriptor could not have been duplicated/acquired

Daniel Schürmann (1):
radv: fix initialization of radv_shader_layout->use_dynamic_descriptors

Danylo Piliaiev (1):
tu: Fix dynamic state not always being emitted

David Heidelberg (6):
drm-shim: Avoid invalid file and time bits combination
ci/intel: decompose anv-tgl-test so we can specify custom devices for TGL
ci/intel: add acer-cp514-2h-11{30,60}g7-volteer
ci/intel: move machine definition to the intel-tgl-skqp job
ci/intel: split asus-cx9400-volteer into acer-cp514-2h-11{30,60}g7-volteer
intel/tools: avoid invalid time and file bits combination

David Rosca (1):
radeonsi/vcn: Use temporal_layer_index to select temporal layer

Eric Engestrom (8):
docs: add sha256sum for 24.0.2
.pick_status.json: Update to 7792ee1c15379d95ccb20ce34352473f2bb2bfbd
.pick_status.json: Update to f3fe1f2f18d7ccc8a7cf85cd88c4bdf426445702
.pick_status.json: Update to e1afffe7fa7bd8e1cd1f7e58cfa2f33faf889628
.pick_status.json: Mark a367cd49314a993d09168e790d3090a2303a48d9 as denominated
.pick_status.json: Update to 9a57b1df5395bbcaa6f48ea851860bedc7ceefb9
docs: add release notes for 24.0.3
VERSION: bump for 24.0.3

Eric R. Smith (1):
panfrost: protect alpha calculation from accessing non-existent component

Faith Ekstrand (4):
nvk: Return os_page_size for minMemoryMapAlignment
nvk: Document the register name for the helper load workaround
nvk: Always wait for the FALCON in set_priv_reg
nvk: Disable the Out Of Range Address exception

Felix DeGrood (1):
driconf: add SotTR DX12 to Intel XeSS workaround

Friedrich Vock (3):
radv/rt: Handle monolithic pipelines in capture/replay
radv: Set SCRATCH_EN for RT pipelines based on dynamic stack size
radv/rt: Fix frontface culling with emulated RT

Georg Lehmann (6):
aco: create pseudo instructions with correct struct
aco/post-ra: rename overwritten_subdword to allow additional uses
aco/post-ra: assume scc is going to be overwritten by phis at end of blocks
aco: store if pseudo instr needs scratch reg
aco/post-ra: track pseudo scratch sgpr/scc clobber
aco/ssa_elimination: check if pseudo scratch reg overwrittes regs used for v_cmpx opt

Gert Wollny (2):
zink/nir-to-spirv: Make sure sampleid for InterpolateAtSample is int

Ian Romanick (1):
i915: Fix value returned for PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_CUBE_LEVELS

Jesse Natalie (3):
wgl: Check for stw_device->screen before trying to destroy it
wgl: Initialize DEVMODE struct
nir_lower_tex_shadow: For old-style shadows, use vec4(result, 0, 0, 1)

Job Noorman (1):
ir3: fix alignment of spill slots

Jonathan Gray (1):
intel/dev: update DG2 device names

Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (1):
ci: Adds /usr/local/bin to PATH at

José Roberto de Souza (1):
iris/xe: Consider pat_index while unbinding the bo

Juan A. Suarez Romero (2):
v3d: add load_fep_w_v3d intrinsic
v3d: fix line coords with perspective projection

Karol Herbst (1):
rusticl/event: we need to call the CL_COMPLETE callback on errors as well

Kenneth Graunke (2):
intel/brw: Allow CSE on TXF_CMS_W_GFX12_LOGICAL
iris: Fix tessellation evaluation shaders that use scratch

Konstantin Seurer (2):
radv/rt: Use doubles inside intersect_ray_amd_software_tri
radv/rt: Fix raygen_imported condition

Lionel Landwerlin (3):
anv: fix non matching image/view format attachment resolve
anv: fix incorrect ISL usage in buffer view creation
anv/iris/blorp: use the right MOCS values for each engine

Mike Blumenkrantz (16):
zink: apply all storage memory masks to control barriers if no modes are specified
zink: emit SpvCapabilityImageMSArray for ms arrayed storage images
zink: null out bo usage when allocating from slab
zink: fix unsynchronized read-mapping of device-local buffers
zink: force max buffer alignment on return ptrs for mapped staging buffers
zink: fix stencil-only blitting with stencil fallback
vulkan/dispatch_table: add an uncompacted version of the table
zink: use uncompacted vk_dispatch_table
egl/dri2: use the right egl platform enum
zink: stop enabling EXT_conservative_rasterization
zink: call CmdSetRasterizationStreamEXT when using shader objects
nvk: bump NVK_PUSH_MAX_SYNCS to 256
util/blitter: iterate samples in stencil_fallback
mesa: fix CopyTexImage format compatibility checks for ES
driconf: add radv_zero_vram for Crystal Project (1637730)

Oskar Viljasaar (1):
compiler/types: Fix glsl_dvec*_type() helpers

Patrick Lerda (2):
r300: fix constants_remap_table memory leak
radeonsi/gfx10: fix main_shader_part_ngg_es memory leak

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
radeonsi: try to disable dcc if compute_blit is the only option

Rhys Perry (1):
aco: don't combine linear and normal VGPR copies

Robert Beckett (1):
vulkan/wsi: fix force_bgra8_unorm_first

Rohan Garg (1):
anv, blorp: Set COMPUTE_WALKER Message SIMD field

Samuel Pitoiset (5):
radv: fix conditional rendering with direct mesh+task draws and multiview
radv: fix conditional rendering on compute queue on GFX6
radv: add missing conditional rendering for indirect dispatches on GFX6
radv: enable radv_zero_vram for RAGE2
util/u_debug: fix parsing of "all" again

Simon Ser (1):
egl/wayland: ensure wl_drm is available before use

Tapani Pälli (4):
iris: make sure aux is disabled for external objects
anv: make sure aux is disabled for memory objects
hasvk: make sure aux is disabled for memory objects
crocus: make sure aux is disabled for memory objects

Vasily Khoruzhick (4):
lima: ppir: always use vec4 for output register
lima: ppir: use dummy program if FS has empty body
lima: gpir: abort compilation if load_uniform instrinsic src isn't const
lima: update expected CI failures

Yiwei Zhang (1):
venus: fix ffb batch prepare for a corner case and avoid a memcpy UB

qbojj (1):
vulkan: Fix calculation of flags in vk_graphics_pipeline_state_fill

git tag: mesa-24.0.3
SHA256: 77aec9a2a37b7d3596ea1640b3cc53d0b5d9b3b52abed89de07e3717e91bfdbe mesa-24.0.3.tar.xz
SHA512: 76b3b479877c40f729d7f530af4e3577fa74363edcd3d9474350d498a51dbb761f c034b39bee8547e97c30fd3a520cbc50c742d5a187746e83ddab1df44f37e9 mesa-24.0.3.tar.xz