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The first release candidate for Mesa 23.3.0 has been released for testing.

mesa 23.3.0-rc1

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce the start of a new release cycle with the first release candidate, 23.3.0-rc1.

The main highlights here are probably the addition of nvk [1], a reverse-engineered NVIDIA Vulkan driver, and the addition of the Raspbery Pi 5 support [2] to v3d (Opengl) & v3dv (Vulkan).

It also includes a lot of work on the Asahi driver, but it's still not ready to be used *here* as the UAPI isn't stable yet and thus cannot be merged upstream. Please use the downstream driver instead for now:

As always, if you find any issues please report them here:

Any issue that should block the release of 23.3.0 final, thus adding more 23.3.0-rc* release candidates, must be added to this milestone:

The next release candidate is expected in one week, on November 1st.




Eric Engestrom (1):
VERSION: bump for rc1

git tag: mesa-23.3.0-rc1
SHA256: 3e9d5ae6efc79a6363ca77308771df511396dd42b7e2b0683d41e6db41a95f7f mesa-23.3.0-rc1.tar.xz
SHA512: 4eedec92dd59027801ed104cadaa3bc4d5ad5ca1073d6f173c31feeed5e5280 29c8ac417ee54ea69bc874847b7caf3fadd9d713f5b744d97d14a5ec6d0b8fce4 mesa-23.3.0-rc1.tar.xz