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The fourth release candidate for Mesa 23.2.0 is now available for testing. Mesa is the default graphics library for Linux, with support for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, OpenCL, and more.

mesa 23.2.0-rc4

I'd like to announce mesa 23.2.0-rc4, which will hopefully be the last release candidate for the 23.2 series. The goal is that this Wednesday we'll have a final release, which will be tagged 23.2.1 due to an accidental 23.2.0 tag that was created earlier. I will be pulling more patches over the next couple of days, as well as contacting authors whos patches don't apply cleanly. It is likely that not every staged patch will end up in the first release and will not make it till 23.2.2. I'm opened to either having a short cycle (with 23.2.2 next week), or if you want to make sure they end up in this release let me know on IRC.




Alyssa Rosenzweig (2):
nir/lower_helper_writes: Consider bindless images
nir/passthrough_gs: Fix array size

Chia-I Wu (1):
ac/surface: limit RADEON_SURF_NO_TEXTURE to color surfaces

Connor Abbott (1):
vk/graphics_state: Fix copying MS locations pipeline state

Corentin Noël (1):
virgl: Do not expose EXT_texture_mirror_clamp when using a GLES host

Daniel Stone (1):
egl/wayland: Always initialise fd_display_gpu

David Rosca (1):
Revert "radeonsi/vcn: add an exception of field case for h264 decoding"

Dmitry Baryshkov (1):
tu: Pass real size of prime buffers to allocator

Dylan Baker (13):
docs: Extend calendar entries for 23.2 by 2 releases.
docs: update calendar for 23.2.0-rc3
.pick_status.json: Update to 10e75aae1bddee9795b1ff04ffd656b0da79b5b5
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for aebe58458611e0bb585a5bce8e16c1175783f3cc
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for f8cb0d8a44afb9c70f38e359ffe0ad57416e66a4
Revert "Revert "intel/ci: disable iris-jsl-deqp because it always fails for an AMD MR""
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for 93b4f200dead198e680991a1e95bf3d3b58f87bd
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for 7e246f7f2bde0c859269c4b81505bd0887045e7b
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for 9865e5dff49395543da4331a943ba5a03ce6a413
.pick_status.json: Update to 1cdc4be14b66108ae0e8069686ac3efe52bef3cb
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for b8ea9724fa5ca38620bc0cdc01b7addd05574954
.pick_status.json: Updates notes for 68027bd38e134f45d1fe8612c0c31e5379ed7435
VERSION: update to 23.2.0-rc4

Emma Anholt (1):
disk_cache: Disable the "List" test for RO disk cache.

Eric Engestrom (7):
vc4: drop duplicate .lower_ldexp
zink: fix format in zink_make_{image,texture}_handle_resident()
v3dv: fix copy/pasted type of `sample`
v3dv: fix shader stage name in error message
v3d/qpu: fix type of function argument
ci/farm-rules: fix missing valve-infra jobs in scheduled pipelines

Faith Ekstrand (3):
nir: Handle nir_op_mov properly in opt_shrink_vectors
nir: Don't handle nir_op_mov in get_undef_mask in opt_undef
nir: Fix metadata in nir_lower_is_helper_invocation

Friedrich Vock (1):
nir/load_store_vectorize: Handle intrinsics with constant base

Georg Lehmann (1):
aco: fix u2f16 with 32bit input

Helen Koike (1):
ci/android: remove strace output from

Iván Briano (7):
blorp: fix hangs with mesh enabled
anv: use a simpler MUE layout for fast linked libraries
anv: track what kind of pipeline a fragment shader may be used with
intel/fs: read viewport and layer from the FS payload
intel/fs: handle URB setup for fast linked mesh pipelines
anv: enable VK_EXT_mesh_shader where supported
intel/fs: use ffsll so we don't explode on 32 bits

Jordan Justen (2):
intel/dev: Use RPL-U name on RPL-U devices
intel/dev: Add more RPL PCI IDs

Karol Herbst (7):
nouveau: take glsl_type ref unconditionally
nv50: limit max code uploads to 0x8000
clc: use CLANG_RESOURCE_DIR for clang's resource path
zink: fix source type in load/store scratch
zink: fix global stores
rusticl/disk_cache: fix stack corruption
rusticl/memory: do not verify pitch for IMAGE1D_BUFFER

Kenneth Graunke (1):
iris: Check prog[] instead of uncompiled[] for BLORP state skipping

Konstantin Seurer (1):
vulkan/wsi/x11: Implement capture hotkey using the keymap

Leo Liu (1):
radeonsi/vcn: fix the incorrect dt_size

Lionel Landwerlin (4):
intel/compiler: disable per-sample interpolation modes with non-per-sample dispatch
anv: add missing ISL storage usage
intel/nir: rerun lower_tex if it lowers something
hasvk: add state cache invalidation back before fast clears

Marcin Ślusarz (3):
intel/compiler/mesh: compactify MUE layout
intel/compiler,anv: put some vertex and primitive data in headers
intel/compiler: load debug mesh compaction options once

Marek Olšák (1):
Revert "ac: don't call ac_query_pci_bus_info from ac_query_gpu_info"

Matt Turner (7):
intel: Rearrange for next commit
intel: Consider with_intel_clc in with_any_intel
intel: Only build blorp if drivers are enabled
intel: Only build ds if drivers are enabled
intel: Only build perf if drivers or tools are enabled
intel: Allow using intel_clc from the system
intel: Limit Intel Vulkan RT to x86_64

Mike Blumenkrantz (8):
vk/graphics: fix CWE handling with DS3
Revert "vk/wsi/x11: handle geometry updating more asynchronously"
zink: wait on async fence during ctx program removal
zink: don't start multiple cache jobs for the same program
zink: disable validation
zink: be more precise about flagging rp changes around unordered u_blitter
zink: fix linear modifier dmabuf imports
aux/tc: handle stride mismatch during rp-optimized subdata

Paul Gofman (1):
driconf: add a workaround for Rainbow Six Extraction

Pavel Ondračka (1):
r300: don't abort on flow control when using draw for vs

Rhys Perry (5):
radv: disable 64-bit color attachments
aco: fix p_bpermute_gfx6 with input at non-zero byte
radv: fix 128bpp comp-to-single clears
aco/spill: skip p_branch in process_block
aco/spill: add all live-in to merge block spill candidates

Rohan Garg (6):
anv: drop dead ifdef
iris: use the correct WA macros and lineage numbers
anv: use the lineage number for WA
crocus: fix GFX_VERx10 macro
blorp: drop undefined macro
iris: migrate preemption streamwout wa to WA infra

Sagar Ghuge (1):
blorp: Drop unnecessary assertions in blorp_can_hiz_clear_depth

Samuel Pitoiset (4):
Revert "radv/amdgpu: workaround a kernel bug when replacing sparse mappings"
Revert "radv/amdgpu: skip adding per VM BOs for sparse during CS BO list build"
radv/amdgpu: fix executing secondaries without IB2
radv/amdgpu: do not copy the original chain link for IBs

Sviatoslav Peleshko (1):
dri: Use RGB internal formats for RGBX formats

Tapani Pälli (1):
mesa: fix some TexParameter and SamplerParameter cases

Tatsuyuki Ishi (1):
radv/amdgpu: Do not pass in a BO handle when clearing PRT VA region.

Timothy Arceri (1):
util: add radeonsi workaround for Nowhere Patrol

Timur Kristóf (5):
ac/nir: Add done arg to ac_nir_export_position.
ac/nir: Slightly refactor how pos0 exports are added when missing.
ac/nir/ngg: Wait for attribute stores before VS/TES/GS pos0 export.
ac/nir/ngg: Refactor mesh shader primitive export.
ac/nir/ngg: Wait for attribute ring stores in mesh shaders.

Vinson Lee (1):
vk/wsi/x11: Remove dead code

antonino (3):
vulkan/wsi: add `vk_wsi_force_swapchain_to_current_extent` driconf
drirc: enable `vk_wsi_force_swapchain_to_current_extent` for "The Talos Principle"
drirc: enable `vk_wsi_force_swapchain_to_current_extent` for "Serious Sam Fusion"

git tag: mesa-23.2.0-rc4
SHA256: 7c11fefbff7b6a992ec95b5764133101ad41052c8e0217829150383b74ea3085 mesa-23.2.0-rc4.tar.xz
SHA512: 6a89130f50394ad0fec9dde3d0733c75fe4aa73c6c64fa5b70e761062ccbed0 15e7aea1e7867743c67e7b847635c9d156b54a653b019f037eb18168e15ab640d mesa-23.2.0-rc4.tar.xz