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Eric Engestrom has just announced the release of the last Mesa bugfix release for the 22.3 series. Mesa is the default graphics library for Linux, with support for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, OpenCL, and more.

Mesa 22.3.7

Hello everyone,

The bugfix release 22.3.7 is now available.

This is the last release of the 22.3 series. Users are encouraged to switch to the 23.0 series to continue receiving bugfixes.



Caio Oliveira (2):
iris, crocus: Align workaround address to 32B
gallivm: Fix handling of nir_intrinsic_scoped_barrier
Dave Airlie (1):
llvmpipe: fix compute address bits to return native pointer size.
Dylan Baker (1):
util: rzalloc and free hash_table_u64

Eric Engestrom (8):
docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.6
.pick_status.json: Update to 41ae2d0725b3ecd2018a6105981a6db7b87c3e79 radv: split linker script for android since it requires different symbols
glapi/meson: drop duplicate line in deps
.pick_status.json: Mark 646cff13bca8a92b846984d782ef00e57d34d7a1 as denominated
.pick_status.json: Mark bb796f70a144e9c88ab46e6fb08be5895ca7a689 as denominated
docs: add release notes for 22.3.7
VERSION: bump for 22.3.7

Friedrich Vock (1):
mesa: Report GL_SHADER_BINARY_FORMAT_SPIR_V as supported
Gert Wollny (1):
r600/sfn: Fix atomic lowering

Iván Briano (3):
vulkan: track the right value on CmdSetColorWriteMasks anv: fix testing for dynamic color blend bits
anv: stop tracking color blend state in the pipeline

Karol Herbst (2):
nir/deref: don't replace casts with deref_struct if we'd lose the stride
rusticl/kernel: Images arg sizes also have to match the host pointer size

Lionel Landwerlin (7):
genxml: Fix STATE_BASE_ADDRESS::BindlessSurfaceStateSize field size genxml: fix border color offset field on Gfx12+
anv: fixup condition for Wa_14016118574
anv: remove pre hasvk split assert
anv: pull Wa_14016118574 out of some loop not changing state anv: fix incorrect parameter
nir: fix nir_ishl_imm

Marek Olšák (6):
amd: add missing gfx11 register definitions
radeonsi/gfx11: fix the CU_EN clear mask for RSRC4_GS radeonsi/gfx11: don't set non-existent VGT_STRMOUT_BUFFER_CONFIG radeonsi/gfx11: set CB_COLORi_INFO.MAX_COMP_FRAG on GFX1103_R2 radeonsi: disable Smart Access Memory because CPU access has large overhead
radeonsi: don't merge SET_* packets that have a different index in si_pm4_state

Mike Blumenkrantz (9):
zink: fix shader read access removal for barrier generation zink: avoid adding ubo/ssbo bindings multiple times for different bitsizes
zink: remove suspended queries from list before resuming zink: disable queries for clear_texture()
zink: fix zink_resource_access_is_write()
zink: unbind fb on context destroy
zink: only add deferred barrier on fb unbind when layout needs to change
zink: fix descriptor update flagging on null ssbo set zink: propagate valid_buffer_range when replacing buffer storage
Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
radeonsi: fix incorrect vgpr indices in the ps_prolog
Rhys Perry (2):
aco: fix pathological case in LdsDirectVALUHazard
aco: always update orig_names in get_reg_phi()

Ruijing Dong (1):
raseonsi/vcn: fix a h264 decoding issue

Sam Edwards (1):
nouveau: Fix null dereference in nouveau_pushbuf_destroy
Samuel Pitoiset (9):
radv: fix flushing non-coherent images inside secondaries on GFX9+ radv: fix flushing non-coherent images in EndCommandBuffer() radv: fix draw calls with 0-sized index buffers and robustness on NAVI10
amd,ac/rgp: fix SQTT memory types
radv: fix DCC decompress on GFX11
radv: fix incorrect stride for primitives generated query with GDS radv: fix border color swizzle for stencil-only format on GFX9+ radv: fix defining RADV_USE_WSI_PLATFORM
radv: disable DCC with signedness reinterpretation on GFX11
Sil Vilerino (3):
d3d12: Fix VP9 Decode - Checking 0xFF instead of 0x7F for invalid frame_ref[i].Index7Bits
frontend/va: Keep track of some VP9 previous frame data for current frame use_prev_in_find_mvs_refs
d3d12: VP9 Decode - Fix use_prev_in_find_mvs_refs calculation
Sviatoslav Peleshko (3):
iris: Avoid creating uncompressed view with unaligned tile offsets on BDW
anv: Handle all fields in VkAccelerationStructureBuildRangeInfoKHR anv: Move WA MEDIA_VFE_STATE after stalling PIPE_CONTROL
Tatsuyuki Ishi (2):
radeonsi: SDMA v4 size field is size - 1
radv: SDMA v4 size field is size - 1

Väinö Mäkelä (2):
hasvk: Mark VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_ATTACHMENT_OPTIMAL as stencil write optimal
hasvk: Disable non-zero fast clears for 8xMSAA images
Yiwei Zhang (1):
venus: fix VK_EXT_image_view_min_lod feature query

Yogesh Mohan Marimuthu (2):
wsi/display: check alloc failure in wsi_display_alloc_connector() ac/surface: only adjust pitch if surf_pitch was modified
git tag: mesa-22.3.7
SHA256: 894ce2f4a1c2e76177cdd2284620192d0da3066b243eec2fbb1d7cf37f13042c mesa-22.3.7.tar.xz
SHA512: c37bbcb3c0be1908726d6f83bfe98126d681935e401e03946e8b540611f832 d2f272a2ac470600c2b77caa5b9a3a9059eb34bd9a93fcf88df114bedf8c39bf5a mesa-22.3.7.tar.xz