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A preview release of MariaDB 11.5.0 is now available for testing. The new version includes a number of features, such as the ability to limit the size of disk temporary files and tables that are created, to extend the range of timestamps, to optimize index conditions, to allow for bulk implementation, and to observe new users and tables. In addition to that, it incorporates enhancements to the Information Schema, such as the addition of global status, queries, and additional columns. Other changes include repairing tables, deprecating and ignoring @@alter_algorithm system variables, adding features for sequences, changing default Unicode collation, and allowing parallel dump of multiple databases via mariadb-dump.

MariaDB 11.5.0 preview release available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of  MariaDB 11.5.0, a preview release in the MariaDB 11.5 series. MariaDB 11.5 is a short-term release.

New Features

Temporary files and tables

Data Types

  • The  TIMESTAMP range of values was extended. The maximal allowed value for timestamps was '2038-01-19 03:14:07 UTC', and is now '2106-02-07 06:28:15 UTC'. This does not change the storage format, and new tables can be read by old MariaDB servers as long as timestamp values are within the old timestamp range. At the moment this is only supported on 64-bit platforms ( MDEV-32188).


  • Index condition pushdown is supported for partitioned tables ( MDEV-12404)
  • ANALYZE for statement should show selectivity of pushed index condition ( MDEV-18478)


  • Permit bulk implementation to return ALL individual results ( MDEV-30366)
  • Send initial values of system variables in first OK packet ( MDEV-31609)


  • New USERS table in the Information Schema ( MDEV-23729 MDEV-32218)
  • Add more columns to TABLE_STATISTICS and USER STATS ( MDEV-33151)
  • Provide InnoDB async IO statistics ( MDEV-32841)
  • Show var deprecation for mariadbd --help output ( MDEV-28671)
  • Extend query_response_time plugin to be compatible with Percona server ( MDEV-33501)
  • New variable, slow_query_log_always_write_time ( MDEV-33144)


  • REPAIR TABLE ... FORCE ( MDEV-33449)
  • Deprecate and ignore @@alter_algorithm system variable ( MDEV-33655)
  • Additional features for Sequences ( MDEV-28152)
  • Change default Unicode collation to uca1400_ai_ci ( MDEV-25829)
  • Parallel dump of multiple databases via mariadb-dump ( MDEV-33625)
  • Deprecate spider_casual_read ( MDEV-31789)

MariaDB 11.5.0 preview release available -