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Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.2 (2021-06-06 Build) based on the Cutefish desktop environment has been released.

Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.2 (2021-06-06 Build) released

CutefishOS has one goal to create a better experience Linux desktop OS. It will be based on Debian, however we from Manjaro, in close partnership with ArchLinux, provide a Community-Spin based on Manjaro of this new Desktop Environment. It uses the latest KDE Frameworks and parts of Plasma5 to get this Gnome-looking UI created. It is aimed for Beginners and restrict all settings to a bare minimum. Since it is also aimed more for touch and adaptive, we might see it also on Tablets very soon. So give it a try and  report issues upstream or visit the  CutefishOS forums 2.

Changes since v0.1

  • Optimized the details of the StatusBar UI
  • Fixed Statusbar crashes in some cases
  • Fixed setting wired connection in WLAN
  • Add category to the settings sidebar
  • Fixed the desktop to rename the position of the editor
  • Fixed the wallpaper cannot be loaded after logging in to the desktop
  • Screen brightness can be adjusted more smoothly
  • Improved APP launcher experience
  • More details optimization

Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.2 (2021-06-06 Build) released