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Manjaro ARM 21.12 has been released.

Manjaro ARM 21.12 released!

We are proud to announce the release of Manjaro ARM 21.12.

You can find all our images on !

Manjaro ARM is proud to be the default installation on the Pinebook Pro and the PinePhone from  Pine64 .
We have put in a lot of work to get to this point and we are excited that we have been accepted by the creators of this laptop and phone, as a great OS option.

Pine64 also recently  announced ) that Manjaro ARM with Plasma Mobile is going to be the stock OS on the retail of the new PineNote, which is based on the new rk3566 SoC!

Pine64 announced the  PinePhone Pro  on the November 15th. And yet again, we are honored to be featured as the default OS on the device,
which is based on a special engineered rk3399 SoC, called rk3399s. The main difference between the new SoC and the SoC in the Pinebook Pro, is that the new one
is better suited for enclosed spaces, like a phone case. We have made testing images available on github with both  Plasma Mobile  and  Phosh 1 at the same place as our regular Pinephone images.

We are also working on getting great support for the Quartz64, but we will not make it part of these releases, until we have most of the stuff working.
But you can find our weekly images on  Github  and in our Manjaro ARM Flasher.
These images are currently Dev images, based on Unstable branch.

We are proud to introduce our first release images for the Radxa Zero, which is a Raspberry Pi Zero formfactor device.
DISCLAIMER: These images do not boot from eMMC yet!

Manjaro ARM 21.12 released!