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Manjaro Linux 21.0.3 has been released with fixes for the Gnome 3.38 shell, restored Grub Theme, latest KDE software, updated kernels, and fixes to Pamac.

Manjaro 21.0.3 Ornara released!

We are happy to publish our latest stable release 21.0.3 we named Ornara. Our last release Nibia was from January and a lot of things changed between those releases. For once, we dropped Gnome Initial Setup routine from our ISOs. It was nice to try out, but the feedback overall was not so great. Since we also have optional OEM ISOs for our manufacturers, we see no need to further investigate into GIS.

Changes since 21.0

  • we fixed issues with Gnome 3.38 shell
  • Grub Theme got restored
  • we added latest KDE software
  • updated kernels
  • fixes to Pamac

Manjaro 21.0.3 Ornara released!