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The first release candidate of Mandrakelinux 10.2 has been released

Some package versions & new features:

* kernel 2.6.10
* Glibc 2.3.4 and gcc 3.4.3
* New KDE 3.3.2 is compiled with the '-fvisibility=hidden' option of gcc to accelerate the linkage step at the program start (this option hides all the internal symbols of the application and eases the linker work to start the binary), the latest version of Gnome, 2.8.1, as well as GTK 2.6.1.
* New features during the installation procedure, including a new, more efficient package-processing algorithm and the capability to copy all packages to the hard drive before installation completion.
* Installation may boot from a USB key
* Mozilla-firefox replaces Mozilla
* Gimp 2.2, cdrecord 2.01.01a21 with DVD+R Dual Layers support, 1.1.4, Postgresql 8.0, MySQL 4.1.9
* new tool: Drakstats
Download CD #1 (MD5: 75f8b053be492b07dd98dde43ec31cec)
Download CD #2 (MD5: 97256ceb49c01bb638b4852a42d27bcb)
Download CD #3 (MD5: d09f1d3266424ab47a2f187b69e4304d)
Download Mini CD (MD5: e94f21bb508cb44e6ebcc6dc440d5b3b)