Reviews 52007 Published by takes a look at Mageia 2, the second edition of the Linux distribution forked from Mandriva Linux

The other desktop environments and window managers supported by Mageia 2 are E17, LXDE, WindowMaker and IceWM. Aside from the Live CD installation images for KDE and GNOME 3, users are offered dual-architecture CD installation images, DVD, and network-based CD ISO installation images for 32- and 64-bit architectures. This presents a minor issue of determining which installation image to download and use.

It all depends on the desktop environment that you want to install. Obviously, the Live CD images for KDE and GNOME makes choosing easier, but what about the other installation images? I will answer that question further down. The image below shows what the boot menu of the DVD, network-based and dualarch CD looks like.
  Mageia 2 Review