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Mabox Linux 22.08 has been released. MaboxLinux is a fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop rolling-release that based on Manjaro Linux and the Openbox Window Manager.

August ISO refresh - Let’s meet Colorizer

2022 09 August ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 22.08.20.
Available with latest LTS kernel – 5.15 or slightly older one 5.4 LTS.

This release is exciting because it marks the debut of a brand new tool – 

 – in development for half a year, now in beta
What is Colorizer?

A set of scripts that allow you to easily and conveniently adjust the colors of many elements of the desktop.
In the form of a set of dynamically generated menus (scripted on the basis of jgmenu).

Current Functionalities:

  • Openbox
     Theme coloring
  • coloring of the 
    Menu / panels
     and the entire set of Mabox tools
  • Conky coloring (as well as managing the Conky set and easy position change)
  • creating themes for PyRadio
  • interactive HTML help

And finally:
everything above can be generated automatically after each wallpaper change according to its color palette.Interested?

Download ISO images from  repo or  Sourceforge and check it out.


August ISO refresh - Let’s meet Colorizer | MaboxLinux