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Lycoris has released Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 49 Beta:

Lycoris Desktop/LX is a familiar, powerful and open alternative to Windows. Put the power back into your hands with this new, affordable operating system.

New in this build:
- fixed smb network copy bug!!!
- upgraded compilercache to 1.0.10
- rebuilt libstdc++-compat
- rebuilt glibc
- minor cosmetic change to rlupdate
- added minor mozilla fixes
- added another glibc security fix
- fixed bind security issue
- upgraded gcc to 2.95.3
- fixed openssl security bug
- added application/x-photoshop mimetype to gimp
- fixed MLS hardware scan display bug
- added sane fax subsystem defaults
- minor fax icon, defaults fixes
- upgraded ImageMagick to 5.4.8-2
- another fix for multiple interfaces via dhcp
- added trek thumbdrive support
- fixed minor usb device naming issue

Download CD 1 (Binary)
Download CD 2 (Source)
Download CD 3 (DevTools)

Only the first CD is necessary for the installation of Lycoris Desktop/LX